Wells Investments Ltd software was presented to the binary options investment community by Nicholas Wells, who named the trading app after himself. Wells started by telling about himself stating that he had many experiences as a trader. He said that he actually started as a swap trader at Wall Street, after which he decided to form his own company, which he called Automated Asset Manager. He said that in his company he was able to make at least $879 in every one hour.

He said that because of the huge successes that he has recorded with his company that he is creating a space for 25 people who can use his trading app free. He said that he would do this to get feedback from people who would use his app. He said that if you want to become a user, you could join, trade and share your results with others afterwards. This is the story of Nicholas Wells, if you plan to use the trading app; you have to read reviews from people who have used WellsInvestments.co Software. We decided to review the system to give our readers insight on what they will expect when they join the trading robot. We advise that you wait for this review to get an unbiased review of what the system has to offer.


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We visited the website and watched the video narration, and we are sure that there is more to the system than the creators are making us to believe. He said that the app is auto-trading platform, which will enable internet traders to maximize their profits. Perhaps one thing that is remarkable with this app is the claim that it will enable you to maximize your profits without risks, as the system is almost one hundred percent risk free.

Wells claimed that he is offering his moneymaking apps free. This is not the situation as we can confirm that you have to make a minimum deposit of $250 before you can actually use the app. They claim that the money is to fund your live trading account. Different stories were told about this in the past. Many people have reported that the money never gets to the account because the money would be gone as soon as you send them, as it would never reflect in your account. Moreover, you do not have the chances to select a broker of your choice. They select a broker for you.

Is Wells Investments Ltd a Scam?

Wells Investments Ltd is a scam; there is no doubt about this. We have investigated and found out that the app is not dependable because most of the information it provided could not be verified.

Wells Investments Make Bogus Claim

Starting from the bogus claim of earning at least $879.26 hourly irrespective of your investment capital, it is certain that the system is a scam. It clearly shows that it does not know what the binary options market is all about. How can he claim that his trading platform is risk free? There is no risk free system, as far as the financial assets market is concerned, anything that claims that it is risk free should be avoided like a plague. This is what you should do, there is no way you can succeed with Wells Investments Ltd software, and it is simply a scam.

Serious doubts about existent of Nicholas Wells

We searched the internet to get the real identity and the trading experience of the man behind the trading app, Nicholas Wells and we did not find any clue about him. If he has been a successful trader, there is no doubt there should have been verifiable information about him on the internet. The fact is that there is no such information and this casts serious doubts as to whether he actually existed. He does not have any social media profile. There is no way his identity and trading experience can be investigated. This is a clear sign that he does not exist and that his trading system Wells Investments Ltd is nothing but a scam.

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How does the Wells Investments Ltd Software work?

One thing that will clearly show you that you are dealing with a scam system is that there is no explanation of how the trading app works. If it actually works, it could not have wasted time in explaining to anybody how it works. This piece information is very important because it will influence the decision experienced traders will take on the trading app.

Fake Testimonials

We are at a loss about the authenticity of the testimonies presented by Wells. It appears that these testimonials are not real just as Nicholas Wells is imaginary. We can confirm that the pictures in the video and website do not correspond with the real names of those people. We can confirm this because we are able to trace the origin of these images. It is certain to us now that these images were copied from other websites. This clearly shows that the app is a scam, if they cannot present verifiable witnesses about their trading app. For the fact that they do not want to give enough information that will enable users to take a decision, is a sign that it is a scam app.


Is the Wells Investments Ltd Profitable?

It does not seem that the app is profitable because so far we cannot see any evidence that anybody can earn money or have earned money using the trading robot. Those proofs of earnings shown on the videos and websites were discredited because they are not verifiable. The apps do not have any concrete evidence that you can profit with it when you invest on it.

It appears that Wells Investments Ltd was meant for newbie traders who do not have enough knowledge about what the binary option market is all about and how to make money from the market. For them, anything that gives money can go for them. This is the app is not meant for anybody to earn money, instead of earning you are likely going to lose what you already have.

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Wells Investments Ltd is another binary trading app that may not earn you money. Before you use the app, you have to read the reviews and investigate their information to ensure that you are not misled.


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