The latest scam that you should beware of in the binary options is that app that goes by the name the Wall Street LifeStyle trading app. You should beware of it because we have reviewed it and discovered that it is a scam. There is no doubt that many of you would have received an invitation from its founders to use the app. If you have, this is a warning to you that it does not worth the risk because it would simply wipe away your investment within a short time.

James Taylor discovered this scam trading system. He claimed that his trading system was closely associated with IMA signal. The IMA is an online trading academy and it is meant to educate binary options traders according to him. James claimed that he owned both the trading app and the IMA. James claimed that he was a professional who had his education at the Columbian University; he even claimed that after graduating from that institution that he worked there. We shall come to those his unsubstantiated claims in this course of this review. We are certain that the name James Taylor does not exist.

Taylor claimed that his app has earned him millions of dollar last year alone. He equally stated that he developed the app with the help of people he called members of his research team. We have reviewed the app and we are finding it extremely hard to collaborate some of the stories he told us about the app. He claimed that it is an auto-trading app, meaning that you should simply plug the app and it would start to rain money for you.

The app according to him could work for anybody and you do not need to become a professional before you begin to make money with the trading system. It claimed that the system has been earning millions for people and we have not seen any proof that the trading robot could deliver on what its creators say that it would do.

James Taylor claimed that his robot uses superior software and that is why it could monitor the market closely and delivers accurate result every business GMT, and it does this accurately from Monday to Friday of every trading week.


Why The Wall Street LifeStyle is a Scam?

We have several evidence and red flags that convince us that the trading tool is nothing but a scam. From what we have seen from the app and the reviews we have read from people who have already registered to the app, it is clear to us that it is not reliable. Before you register for the trading system, it will demand for your full address, which includes your names in full, your email address, as well as your telephone number. We are disturbed that the app is asking you for your full contact information even before you have an access to its system. It does that because it knows that you will never comeback after discovering that it is a scam. It will use your contact information to be disturbing you with spam messages. We have seen this in the past and we always encourage people not to release their contact information to such scam signal services.

The System is Not Free

Taylor and his team claimed that his trading app would be free for its users for the first one month. However, before you will have access to the Wall Street LifeStyle app, you must deposit the sum of $250, which they will always claim is to fund your live trading account. We have seen this before. Many people are complaining that after they have deposited that amount they do not have access to the money again. The company is using an unregulated broker to steal money from you. They use unregulated brokers to make it extremely hard for you to recover such deposit after you have made them.

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Fake Testimonials

Perhaps the most worrying aspect of this system is the use of fake testimonials. We have searched for those mentioned in the trading robot as having earned money using the trading app, and we cannot authenticate them. It became clear to us that they are all fake. We are certain that many of them are purchased from If you notice the video narration, you will discover some of those actors that appeared in the video. We are certain that they are people hired to give false information about the app. We are sure of one of the actors who claimed to be a young graduate and who claimed that he became a millionaire by using the app. We have seen his face in Moreover, the face of the other presenter is familiar to many professional traders because we have seen their faces before promoting failed trading apps in the past. As soon as we saw their faces, we knew that something fishy is going on.

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False and Misleading Information

If you watch the video, you will observe that it is full of false and misleading information. Professional traders would not believe them based on the strength of information it presented. This is because most of their claims are not realistic as far as the binary options market is concerned. They claimed that the system is going to earn you millions of dollars within a short time irrespective of initial investment deposit. It assumes that you are going to become a millionaire with just $250. The same thing is applicable to a trader that invested more than that. It simply shows that they do not know what they are talking about.

Another misleading information is that it claims that its users can win the market 95 percent. This claim is not realistic. It is obvious that the trading tool is meant for newbie traders who are looking for fast and quick ways of earning money. No professional trader would be deceived by such fake information.

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This review is sufficient to warn you that the Wall Street LifeStyle is nothing but a scam. It will never earn you money, because it has never earned money for anybody. Stay away from the fake app.

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