Is Wall Street Killer a scam! Yes it is. This article serves to shed some light on just how corrupt the Wall Street Killer system is. So if you are thinking of joining and starting you use the software, here is a review that might just change your mind. This article serves to bring to light the red flags in this fraudulent scheme that is just meant to extort cash from innocent civilians.

What is Wall Street Killer?

This is one of the many applications in the binary options systems. A binary options software lets one invest online and helps one to get profitable returns. The software, in full, is called Wall Street killer and its name is derived from the fact that its main purpose is to do away with the few rich people in Wall Street and make everyone rich. In her introductory video, the creator of Wall Street Killer says that her software can make on a profit of $152,891 on the first year or about $3000 a day. The profits are then expected to go up 4 times the next year. All that is expected from one is to invest and spend just 12 minutes each day to realize those figures. The software uses auto-pilot technique to go into the market and take advantage of it enabling it to rake in such monies.

Why Wall Street Killer is a Scam?

Apart from the eyebrow raising amounts that Jennifer mentions which also seem like they are cooked, there are many other reasons that make this system look like a scam. One doesn’t need a college degree to see this. For example, anyone in business will tell you the importance of knowing your business partner, at least by name, face and character. All we know from the introductory video made by is her name. Nowhere in the video did she dare to show her face. The only reasonable explanation to this is that she is afraid that people who know her by face will may reveal her true identity which would in turn affect the Wall Street Killer system in a negative way.

The company’s owner, Jennifer Simpress, states that she studied economics in one of the Ivy League universities and emerged top of her class. Anyone who is keen enough would notice that there are several loopholes to this statement. For one, neither did she clearly mention the specific course she took while studying at the university nor did she mention the name of name of the Ivy League university. This is because she is afraid that people would dig and find out the truth, which is that she did not study in any Ivy League university.

Well it is not only the college she went to and the course she took that she mentions shallowly. She claims that worked in a prestigious office in Wall Street as an apprentice in training while looking forward to becoming a floor trader. You don’t need to be so keen to notice that she avoids mentioning the name of this company she worked for. After quitting her job and deciding to go the binary options way, she states that she hired a team of best programmers to develop the Wall Street Killer system software. Notice again she avoids mentioning the name of the team she allegedly hired. Simpress goes on to explain that she chose to retire during her early 30s so that she could venture in to the binary options business and make quick cash. One thing that is put into question is, does the voice in the video sound like it is for someone who is way over 30? I don’t think it does.



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Another thing that curves itself out from the introductory video is when she explains how money should be distributed around the world to everyone so that everyone could be rich. A person with an economics degree should know better than this. An economist is made to understand that not all people can be rich and that the world has to find a balance and that classes have to exist in a healthy economy. This just shows how her knowledge in economy is wanting or maybe, she just said this to lure people into registering for the Wall Street Killer software.

Jennifer Simpress also states that the application is totally loss proof, i.e. one expects a 100% success rate in every investment. This is a total lie as in business, there is no perfection. Many businesses have had the trouble of even making it to the 90% success rate line. There always have to be some losses, which Simpress is adamant to admit. The losses occur due to changes in economical and even physical conditions in the markets. She even goes on to clearly explain that she is looking for ways to improve the software to generate more income. Well how can one improve on a software that works with a 100% success rate? This shows that the video is just meant to woe people into registering for the software which evidently does not work.

Jennifer should have also at least showed us herself interviewing the people that have had successes with the software. Instead, she just shows us their accounts and mentions that it is her friends. The accounts could have as well been faked since she has access to the raw code used to make the software. Her ‘friends’ do not exist in real life and these are just mere imaginary examples created for people to believe that the application truly works. The fact that she mentions that she will let only the first 50 people register is also meant to make people hurriedly register. Who knows, more than 100 people may have registered by now, but then the free registration is still open.

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From the points noted above, it is crystal clear that the Wall Street Killer is a pure Scam. The owners will surely benefit from this while leaving any investor in the dark. This is not to say that all binary options software are a scam. There exists others that do work and actually generate people unimaginable profits. One should therefore trade with caution before settling on one that can actually make him/her rich.


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