Virtual Income Software is an algo trading bot released recently. Its creator claimed that it could earn more than $2500 every trading day. Not many traders would agree with this. We have serious concern about most of their claims. We reviewed this trading signal service provider and we believe that it is a scam.

In the course of this review, we are going to expose some of the red flags. You can actually see them from the misleading information and the bogus claims. Moreover, you are going to see those things exposed in the course of the review. You will see enough reasons we have to blacklist the fake trading app.

We have watched the video narration and we are finding it very hard to believe its claims. The video narration has claimed that the owners of the company are about to correct their IPO. They claimed that they engage in different aspects of financial assets market such as stocks, Forex, commodities, and different others. They claimed that Virtual Income software would never lose trade. It said that the system works at a very fast speed, and that is why it could easily analyze the market, and deliver the result to you very fast. Furthermore, video narration claimed that even at a deposit of $250 you are going to make at least $2500 every day you trade with the system. They claimed that they are offering the app free to people, and they presently have limited copies available. The video narration is claiming that the app is simply a money making machine. These are some of the major claims of the trading app, which you can easily find out if you watch the video presentation.


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There are other numerous claims made by the video presenter. Instead of winning members for this app, we believe that the narration could push many professional traders away from the app. This is because Software is a scam. Everything about this system is inconsistent with what binary options. We can say that those people behind the app do not know much about the financial assets market, and how that volatile market works.

Why Virtual Income is a Scam?

Misleading information

If you watch the Virtual Income system video presentation, you will be at a loss as to what the video is actually trying to promote. Most of the claims presented at the video were not only untrue, but also misleading. He claimed that Virtual Income Software could automatically trade on different things such as BO, Forex, assets, as well as commodities. This is a misrepresentation of what the binary options trading is all about, because it will never be traded physically. Another disturbing thing about the system is that it never mentioned the word binary options in the video narration, and that is why we have a strong conviction that the app is not meant for the binary options market. From the way the video narration is talking about earnings, it is obvious to us that they may not be telling the truth about the app.

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Unrealistic earnings

Virtual Income system is posing a potential earnings of at least $2500 daily. This is not possible. It is completely unrealistic. The truth is that the outcome of trade cannot be easily predicted not to talk of quoting an exact amount that you can make from such trade. Just like other financial assets markets, traders can win and they can sometimes lose, there is no system that can guarantee you one hundred percent winning rates. This is another area of contradiction with this trading app. Profitable trading app guarantees you a success rate of eighty percent or something slightly above that. Do not use this trading app based on the strength of the information presented to you. This review will help you discover the truth about this trading app. There is nothing like guaranteed earnings.

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Fake creators

If you watch the video narration and study the website, you will discover that they did not mention the software creator. The name has remained anonymous. This is disturbing. It simply shows that the creator is not bold to reveal his or her identity because he is afraid of something. He knows that he is presenting a scam app.

It makes it difficult for us to analyze his personality. It would have helped us to investigate his real identity as well as his level of knowledge and skill of the financial assets market. It is obvious to us that he does not know much about the market, and he is not a professional trader.


False claims

Now let us have a look at the Virtual Income website and relate it with some of the claimed earnings. We checked the date the website was created, we discovered that it was created in January 2016 and updated on March 2016. This means that Virtual Income System was actively on the internet just for a few weeks. When you relate it to the earnings posted on the website, you are going to observe many contradictions. If you scroll down on the earnings and testimonial page, you would discover some of the purported earnings from the app. One of such earnings was the one posted by Hendy Howes who claimed that he has made almost $300000 from the app from October 2015. Another of such claims was from Lucy Gale who claimed that she has been making money with the app since December of 2015. These claims are suspicious, how can they be making such huge amount of money on software that does not exist. This simply shows that they are lying about the trading tool.

The biggest red flag we are going to point out in this review is the fake testimonials. We spotted some people who featured in another scam released a few days ago Amissio Formula. They have the same picture, but they answer different names. What are you going to say about such a scam?

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You have seen in this Virtual Income system review that it is one hundred percent scam. If you were planning to use the app, you should think twice, otherwise your investment would go.


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