Underdog Millionaire Pro App is not the Slumdog Millionaire type! This low production sales video presentation went on and on about people becoming millions using this top secret program. Before you do anything about this trading app, read this Underdog Millionaire Pro review to its entirety. There is absolutely no substance or very little substance to prove this binary options trading software even works. We were fishing for information as it was not quite clearly provided so had to dig deep to write up for this Underdog Millionaire Pro scam review.

Did you notice there were not one human being in the presentation? Lol. Very dry to watch! Nothing wrong with that but it was just disappointing not to see the so-called Albert Friedemann. The very talented German Mathematician Albert Friedemann from a small village stumbled upon binary options trading by chance. Given his exceptional intellect and individuality he explored further to refine trading strategies to make it profitable consistently. He developed unique algorithm to generate 95% winning trades. That is the background provided by the unknown, unidentified voice over. Is this all true though??

Official website: underdogmillionairepro.com

UnderDog Millionaire Scam

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Underdog Millionaire Pro Review Scam checklist

Scam #1: No Albert Friedemann

We did a background check on Albert Friedemann, the great German mathematician and developer of Underdog Millionaire Pro trading app. He is not found via google search. Given that there is no picture presented to us about this slumdog genius, we could not image search either. Dead end! That made us wonder how a brilliant mind and a millionaire-maker could not be heard of before. Being in the binary options industry, it is not possible to not hear about geniuses. Very fishy! And since this is the first time we are hearing about Albert Friedemann, we are convinced that he is a fictitious character. That already set the tone for the rest of the Underdog Millionaire Pro review.

Scam #2: Shady Trades

Let us review the little information that was provided to us about the trades. Below is a screenshot that was shared in the presentation. This is after one year of trading with an initial deposit of $250. Now, we are not sure about you, but this looks bogus to us. With just 381 winning trades, Albert or who’s ever account this is, is about to have a balance of one Millionaire dollars?? No way! Ask any experienced binary options trader he will tell you that this cannot be possible. There is no further proof in the presentation or the website that described the trade amount, etc. So as far as we are concerned, this is bogus!


Scam #3: 95% win

There is no proof of 95% win rate other than their fluff claim. This seems to be very high. But then considering Underdog Millionaire trading app can make someone a millionaire just in 381 trades with $250 initial deposit, ANY false claim can be made. DO NOT believe it! Win rate this high has no supporting data either – like customer testimonials or trading platform, or brokers, live trades, etc. We would just run away in the opposite direction when we see such high winning rates.

Scam #4: No customer testimonials

During the entire presentation or on the website, we did not find any customer testimonials. No social media mention either! How are they to be believed this binary options trading software created millionaires? Are the customers not jumping in joy of all their success and went hiding? Very unreal! No trace of any mention anywhere in the social media about Underdog Millionaire Pro binary options software.

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Scam #5: Website

That made us dig behind the scenes on the website domain itself. The website was registered only in march 2016. A trading software that have been used to make millions for a year was only brought online in March?? No way!


Scam #6: Professionalism

We have never seen any professional website use informal (texting) language and grammatical mistakes. What professionalism can you expect of this team when they cannot even get their website to have written professionally? It says it all! Shady website, put together in a hurry by a low budget offshore team. That is our take. Imagine how their training course material would be or the trading platform itself.



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Conclusion On Underdog Millionaire Pro Review

We are not buying ANY of it! This software is filled with lies and false claims, with no supporting data whatsoever! Underdog Millionaire Pro is a big SCAM! DO NOT trust it and stay far away if you are serious in binary options trading. We do not want investors and traders losing money in this fake binary options trading software. Here is what ForexCaptain.com had to say about Underdog Millionaire Pro review:

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The lack of proof and true results does not install confidence in us, or any other day trader we would reckon. The fact that we are being told what everything is, how it works, and told that it miraculously generates trades of 95% win ratio, does not boast well, and we never register with a software unless there is some proof, or some way of verifying anything that is being presented.

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