Trusted Binary Bot Scam or Legit?

Read our in-depth review we provide all the answer!

Trusted Binary Bot is new auto trading system. The alleged presenter Peter promises that this service is completely different from all other binary options solutions out there. Thing is that our research found exactly the opposite. We think that investing with this cash bot won’t be health for your personal budget. Stay tuned we would like to expose few really disturbing topics.


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Trusted Binary Bot Scam Review! The hidden details!

The whole website is full of lies and fabricated stuff. Let’s debunk the video presentation first. We are dealing with typical scam looking sales pitch, covered by voice over acting. The scenes implemented involving real people, which you can notice inside, are just cut scenes performed by stock models.

The presenter displayed with only one name is Peter, he starts the video pretending to understand how the scams are operation. Claiming several times “I’ve been there”, denying all the scams systems out there. Trusted Binary Bot is supposed to not involve any of the bogus tricks all scam artists uses, such as: pushing into registrations with phony counters or other techniques. The service should not contain any unrealistic promises or false credentials. The presenter says that he has been broke back in the day and he know everything, knows how the money stealing schemes are usually operating from brand new domains and more stuff like that.

Funny thing is that immediately after he denies all the schemes and he says “I will not ask you for money”, few minutes after that he ask you to deposit between $250 and $750. The voice over narrator claims about 100% accuracy, 1 hour profits of $1600, the fake spot counters and actually absolutely everything similar to regular scam robot. In the end of the video he even says “Register fast because soon this page might be gone”. That’s really contrasting with everything he stated before.

But before we summarize the scam elements inside this video and compare them to everything he says Trusted Binary Bot won’t be, let’s say few words about the actual software.

The system displayed as life changing trading tool is created by two people Sam and Alfred. Sam is professional trader, his father was long time Wall Street trader and how he is one. So he comes from trading from generations family. Sam is the person responsible for the implacable 100% successful analysis.

Alfred is computer engineer, working for two of the world’s biggest companies, Google and Facebook. He merged everything together, his binary options cutting edge algorithms with Sam, next level analysis.

Overall, cute story but extremely hard to believe! If, you wonder why everyone involved are presented with only one name, don’t be! It’s just another scam trick, a lot of people use. Exposing every one with their first names, makes our task harder. We just can’t research the identities of those people, there are simply too many Sam’s and Alfred’s! But what we can say on 100% is that this is extremely suspicious!

How this trading robot works?

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First, Peter involves few real stories, of famous investors such as George Soros, and how they have predicted some of the biggest financial crisis and made millions for short period of time. We don’t know how this is connected with this software or how this can help to their presentation but probably this is the only real thing inside

Anyway, the software is supposed to use trend following algorithms. Unfortunately, after all the lies and trash talk we witness so far, we can’t just believe in this explanations.


Endorsements and feedback!

Besides the fake claims that the service is endorsed by Forbes, London Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, there are no real endorsements. In matter of fact there are already few negative articles, written from colleagues of ours, luckily engaged with this bogus system before us. Regarding the feedback, it’s the same story, not a single real success story can be found anywhere in the web for this trading robot.

Now let’s summarize!

Trusted Binary Bot looks extremely dishonest. The fact that there are no real people appearing in the videos and there are no addresses, companies or names exposed are extremely dubious. The lack of trust wordy support from any of the reputed blogs is also adding more questions. Overall, this system turned to be exactly opposite of what the fake identity Peter, claims at the beginning of his convincing path. We believe that this trading robot is dangerous and if you decide to put money here it’s going to be a big mistake!

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Conclusion :  Trusted Binary Bot Scam Confirmed on 100%, This system is everything but not Trusted!! Avoid, this website should not be trusted!


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