It is amazing the number of scams that are being released on a weekly basis. There are so many of them, and unfortunately, there are a lot of individuals who are falling for them. Have you heard about the TrianaSoft software? If you have not, you must know that this program is a phony one. Is TrianaSoft a scam? Yes, it is. There are definitely a lot of negative things to say about the TrianaSoft system. Want to discover them? If you do, you are more than invited to keep on reading this article. Once you are finished reading it, you are more than invited to share it with all of your Facebook and Twitter pals.

The TrianaSoft’s Team Makes a Lot of Questionable Statements

To start off, once you land on the official homepage of the TrianaSoft signals, you will witness an annoying pop-up that informs you the number of members that they have under their belt. The last time we checked, they allegedly had over 17,000 individuals using the TrianaSoft scam. Let us say that the group behind the is seriously dreaming, as there is no way that they could have so many members. Why? That is because the domain of this system is not even a week old. To find this information out, you just have to pay a visit to WhoIs. You can obtain the 411 on every domain when it comes to their creation date and end date. The reason why they are saying that they have so many members is to assure you that you are in good hands, meaning that you do not have to worry about them being a scam, as there are already so many “happy people” due to using the TrianaSoft program; therefore, there is no way that it would be any different with you. You can refer to this as a pressure tactic.

Triana Soft Scam

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There is even a YouTube video that the team behind the TrianaSoft system opted to embedded on their pitch page. This video talks about this program, but guess what? It has only been watched about 200 times. If they have so many members under their belt like they say they do, wouldn’t you agree that this number should definitely be a higher one? It is so funny to see scammers trying to get away with their lies, but they do not pay attention to these simple things that really do unmask them and reveal what they are all about.

Why TrianaSoft is a Scam?

Fake Team

In the introductory video that will begin playing before you even get a chance to take your next breath, you will watch David Campbell. This man is allegedly the Head of Research and Development for this system. That is definitely a very meaningful-sounding title. Since when are names like that being distributed? From a mile away, anybody, even those individuals with the lowest IQ, could be able to tell that this David Campbell is an actor that was hired from a cheap marketplace that is becoming well-known in the industry for promoting phony services, like the marketplace. The acting that he performs in the video is of very poor nature. For a moment, we even felt bad. Yes, that is how bad it is.

Even though everything about him screamed ‘fake’ to us, we still decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and see if he could be found, alongside Michael Wedmore. Did we find anything on these two men? Nope . . . we certainly did not. When you are dealing with a team that is representing a legitimate system, you are definitely going to find something on them on a social media website, like Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn, but that is not the case with the team that is representing the TrianaSoft. Not only that, but they cannot be found anywhere else . . . period. They are basically made up names. There is no link between them and the community, which is not a shocker whatsoever.

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Poor-Quality Website

Now, the TrianaSoft website itself is of very poor quality. This is something that one should not expect from a team that is saying that their system is able to garner anybody who is anybody thousands and thousands of dollars on a daily basis. Take a look at legitimate systems . . . there is a difference. The homepages of legitimate systems look of very high quality.

Fake Photos

Another incredible thing about this system is the photos. We say incredible because it is quite shocking to see scam artists trying to lure people into trying their systems, by placing this type of “proof.” Just so you know, just because you see photos of so called members on the homepages of forex robots, it does not mean that they are real. Those photos could have been taken down from any website.

There is a photo on the page of the TrianaSoft of a woman whose alleged name is Hannah Wood, from the United Kingdom. According to the message that goes hand in hand with this supposed individual is that she was able to garner thousands of dollars by utilizing this system. That is fantastic, but too bad it is not real. We found out that the real name of the person in the photo is Sandra Harris. Now, it is more than likely that she is not aware as to how her image is being used. Now only is it being used for this scam, but it is being used to represent other fake systems. The reason why we say this is because her photo is a stock photo. You can conduct a ‘Google Picture Search’ with every member’s snapshot so that you can see for yourself that all of the pictures that are there are phony.

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After reading this TrianaSoft review, there should not be any doubt in your mind that the TrianaSoft software is a total waste of time.

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