We have reviewed Trade Tracker Pro Software, and found out that is a disgusting scam. Santa Claus one of the persons fronted in this fake system was pushing hard to convince anybody that the TradeTrackerPro App can make its user’s instant money, which can make such people to become rich. If you were planning to invest on this software, you have to think twice, and read this review to discover all tricks they used to deceive you into using this trading system.

We have investigated this TradeTrackerPro.co Software and discovered the bitter truth about it. The major thing you are going to see when you get to the website is its presentation video. This is also the place you will discover available information about this trading App. When you watch the video presentation, you will discover that it is incoherent.

Why The Trade Tracker Pro Software is Scam? Important Points 


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This Trade Tracker Pro program was vigorously promoted in that video by scam actor named Derek Stone. He narrated how he was excited through an offer made to him by his friend. He said that he was impressed by the offer, and that is why he decided to leave his work. He said that he made huge sums of money from the Trade Tracker Pro App for one month of using it, which is much more than he usually gets at the end of the month. Do not be deceived by such claims, because there is no single evidence anywhere to verify that claim. You are going to discover the inconsistent information in this trading program. It said that it would not demand your credit card information, because they do not have anything to do with it, and at the same time say that you are going to fund your live trading account with your broker with the sum of $250. The question is since they do not need your credit card, from where would you fund your live trading account. You will need the credit card to fund it of course. This is a sign that there is something fishy about this trading system.

If you watch the Trade Tracker Pro review video, you will discover that it was divided into four different parts. The videos contained information about one month of trading and the fantastic income they have earned in the process. The earning is enticing and they put it to deceive gullible traders to fall to their trick. If Trade Tracker Pro software is working as they make it to be, there would have been useful information about the software on the internet, and there is no such information about it. This only points to the fact that it is a scam system.

 No Information About Trade Tracker Pro Creators

We have searched the internet and we cannot find any useful information about the purported creators of the App. Derek claimed that he became successful after his friend introduced him to Trade Tracker Pro system. There is no information about Derek and his claims. We also checked for Josh Foreman, the man we believed to be the creator, and we did not find anything about him on the internet. The only information that we can discover about them is the Trade Tracker Pro.

No information about how the system works

After checking the TradeTrackerPro website and reviewing the video there is no information regarding the program and how it actually works. Professional traders are not interested in those long stories, they will prefer action, and that is they want the system work, this will show how it works, as well as how TradeTrackerPro signals are generated. It appears that it does not have any trading algorithm, which is the most important information that traders are always looking out for.

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Fake identity & Fake guarantee

We discovered that the persons shown in the video are not real people. We have checked for the person of Josh Foreman and discovered that he does not exist. They faked their identities just to deceive you to commit your money so that they can steal it. The site is not even secured. How do they think that prospective investors can spend their money on Trade Tracker Pro system with the little information they pushed out.


If you check further, you will discover where they claimed to guarantee your investment for sixty days. The question becomes who guarantees it. Is it going to be guaranteed by people whom we are aware do not exist? There are no authority and endorsement signs anywhere, which could have convinced many people that they are dealing with the correct trading method.

False Earnings Claim by TradeTrackerPro Providers 

Derek and his colleagues claimed to have earned well over eighty thousand dollars using this Trade Tracker Pro trading robot, but they did not explain to anybody how they make such earnings. We discovered that the trading App was launched to the internet on the first day of March 2016. This means that the trading system has not existed for more than one week and they still claimed to have such a staggering sum. This is a sign that the Trade Tracker Pro App is fake. Moreover, they claimed that the software is risk free and this makes us to wonder how they think that binary options trading system is risk free.

It is certain that they do not what they are talking about. The market is volatile and very risky. Any person selling a system they claimed is risk free should be ignored, because they do not know what they are talking about.If you use the App, you are going to be disappointed because you are not going to earn anything from it. You will not earn, because it is not meant for you to earn money. Nobody has earned anything through the App. It is a complete waste of money and effort to start investing on this trading system.

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Conclusion – The Trade Tracker Pro is a Scam System. Stay Away.

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The Trade Tracker Pro Software was produced with the sole aim of stealing money from traders, especially the new traders. You have seen from this review that it one hundred percent fraud. If you want to earn money through binary options, think of other profitable systems that you can use and not this Trade Tracker Pro method.


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