The alleged owner of the Referral Project software, Evan Baker, has been exposed in his underground dealings. He is nothing but a voice narrator who was paid to fake everything. You can even see that he’s making promises and claims that don’t hold true as far as binary options industry is concerned. It is even alleged that he’s trying so hard to get you signing up for the fake offer so he can happily smile his way to the bank, earning over $35 for every trader he manages to convince.

Listen, you should not believe all this crap because this man called Evans Baker is simply not making sense. So don’t believe him when he claims he has a special robot that generates over $4,000 every single day. The truth is, he will never exchange his offer with such a software because it doesn’t exist in the first place. In fact, if you get convinced with this lie of earning $1,000-$4,500 in your sleep and spending it the way you want during the day, you’ll regret it.

Therefore, in this Referral Project Review, we want to warn every trader out there not to put their money into this system. The Referral Project signals are not to be trusted because these signals aren’t generated using any special trading algorithm. There is no proof whatsoever to show that these signals are reliable. And with such junk being treated for a piece of software that can make $1,000 a day, it can only be said that this is yet another ploy to trick traders to lose their investments since the Referral Project system has teamed up with a few rogue and unregulated brokers to wreck havoc on victims.


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Is the Referral Project a Scam?

Well, you guessed it correctly because right from the look of things, this is an outright scam. Don’t believe it when they tell you that you will get free access to this software to earn $108,352.26 every month. How do they arrive at such figures? How do they dare tell you that such figures will be guaranteed for an income? This is definitely another story with elements that sound too good to be true. And like we’ve always warned in our other reviews, such systems often turn out to be scams.

The details you badly want to hear about the so-called Referral Project system

The moment you enter this site, you will encounter a really disgusting promise. Someone who blatantly claims that you will earn over $108k per month without doing anything is definitely disgusting and even abusive. The reason why we’re saying so is because these fraudsters often anticipate to capitalize on the ignorance of new traders.

Let us just make it clear in this review that earning this much in binary options or in any other industry is definitely not possible. What is more, there is nothing like being guaranteed of anything in any trading niche. The financial markets is so volatile, and the reality is that you will lose everything when you don’t know what you are doing.

But this is not to say that the binary options industry is a scam in its entirety. In fact, many people are living it big, thanks to their trading knowledge and use of software that help them execute trades successfully.

Also, the success of a trader’s career depends on the broker they are working with. A broker must be a real company with real people behind it. But as you can see, most scam software like Referral Project system only work with shady people masquerading as genuine brokers. So it shouldn’t catch you by surprise when you realize that the Referral Project system is only teaming up with unregulated brokers who don’t have anything to lose when you lose. In fact, these brokers are as hungry as ever to take advantage of you.

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Claiming your $1,000 free money at the end of the demo video

This is yet another statement that portrays the highest level of ignorance from the side of this man called Evan Baker. When you sign up to start using Referral Project software, you will be given a $1,000 ”free” bonus to trade with.

However, you should be aware that this is just a trap laid for you. When you deposit your initial investment of $250, you will find it impossible to withdraw your money again until certain number of trades is executed.

It should be very clear that no one is giving free $1,000 free money at the end of the video. But what is clear is that the free bonus is a hook to make you suffer double losses. So this offer is not to be trusted at all, take note!

You are being pressured to sign up for the Referral Project scam

One characteristic that scams thrive on is pressure sales tactics. If you’re new to this trick, you will end up falling for whatever you’re being offered. However, if you’ve come across them several times, chances are that you will never fall for them.

The Referral Project system shows these characteristics as well. Once you arrive on the website, you will see that the owner is creating an illusion of scarcity so you can sign up as fast as possible. Counting the number of spots left and invites being sent out each day is nothing but a trick. Those numbers don’t make sense when you refresh that website. Slots keep creating themselves even when they are about to run out — we find it very dumb to believe these tricks.


The truth about Evan Baker

He is a voice narrator who will not accept his status quo. Secondly, since he doesn’t have any profile on the internet, it’s hard to trace him and get the real details about him. Everything about him is definitely a lie. No one knows him, and so does the binary options industry in general.

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The Referral Project software is not a good software to use. We don’t yet have any information about people who have used it. But so far, it has exhibited enough red flags. We are therefore sounding a warning to all our readers not to commit their investment to the Referral Project scam because it is just what its name suggests — a scam!


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