The Nautilus Method is a complete scam. We have taken our time to find the truth about the app. We studied the video narration and website and discovered that there is more to it than they presented to you. David Nocita was the founder and its chief executive officer. He said that his method has fetched him more than six hundred dollars for the first two months of using it. He even claimed that he has to teach other people his knowledge, but that they have to pay him $5000 for that. As fantastic as these claims may be, they are not sufficient to convince us that the app is reliable and can be trusted.

It is common to see scam experts link their software to the work of prominent scientists. It is not surprising that the Nautilus Method decided to adopt the same strategy. David stated that his app was based on the geometric formula discovered by a prominent mathematician Mandelbrot Benoit. He said that his app was based on the same pattern. He believed that his system could record a success rate of 80 percent and above. He also said that an expert in the financial asset market, a man named Yurity Anischenko was helpful in the designing and implementation of his system. He said that he intends to make his app available for everybody free just for a very short time adding that he will increase the cost to his coaching price of $5000.


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It is obvious that the video narration and website merely told stories; they left out the substantive issues, which professional traders needed most. It does not have anything on how the system works. The creator was fast to quote geometric, but it fails to tell us how. As far as we are concerned, it is a metric trading app, which is completely divorced from the financial assets market.

The whole system is designed to deceive unsuspecting traders. It was never designed in any way to earn you money. All the information provided about The Nautilus Method cannot be investigated and this cast a serious doubt about its claims. By the time we are through with this review, you would discover more of those reasons you cannot trust this scam.

Why Nautilus Method is a Scam?

The Nautilus Method is not free

If you watch their video narration, you will see where they said that they decided to make the trading app free for traders for a short time only, and that the price will go to $5000 at the expiration of the few days they provided, and this was accompanied by a fake countdown. In the first place, have you asked yourself why the creator decided to give it free? The truth is that the system is not free. Actually before you can begin to use it, you must invest at least $250. Although they claimed that, the money was to fund your live trading account with a broker of their choice. That is not acceptable to us, because they should have asked you to use a broker of your choice. Why should they force you to use their broker? The worst is that these brokers are not regulated and are not registered. You are not sure of the security of your funds. They collaborate with their brokers to defraud you of your hard-earned money. The money would eventually get back to them. In the real sense, the app is not free, since you pay $250.

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Bogus claims

Whenever you see a scam system, you will not doubt it, because they will tell you that you are going to become a millionaire in a few days time. We are surprised that the Nautilus Method did not claim that you could become a millionaire overnight. They started with a moderate claim that you are going to earn $100 on the first day, and that you are going to end $100000 before the year runs off. The claim is moderate enough as any profitable apps can guarantee you that, but the problem we have with the Nautilus Method is that it does not inform you how that money would be earned. We are interested in algorithms and we did not find any. This is the most important factor that we consider and not the claims of what you earn, and what you cannot earn. As long as this is lacking, it left a lot to be desired, and it is sufficient to blacklist it.

Fake identity

For us to believe David we have to investigate whether he is a trader or not. We are surprised that we did not get any proof of the existence of the developer of the Nautilus Method. What that shows us is that he does not exist. He has no social media profiles and the information we found on Google is actually about this scam system. There is no basis for anybody to trust an app, which does not have an identity. This is one reason we considered the Nautilus app as a scam.


However, we can discover the name Yuriy Anisckenko. He is a responsible person. He was president of Sage Hollow Management and its Chief Executive Officer. While this name actually exists, he does not have anything to with the Nautilus Method. Why should they use a false person to add credibility to the system?

We are certain that testimonies presented were not real and there is no evidence that any human being has ever earned a dime using this app. There is nothing tangible that anybody can hold on, and that is why we dismissed it as a scam.

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Without wasting your time, we have to conclude outright that the Nautilus Method is a scam. If you plan to use it, then you have sufficient reasons to dump it. It will do you harm and not good. We have useful apps here that can make money for you; you can try any of them.


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