Have you heard of the Money Glitch software? It is one of those scams that people want for it to disappear right now. Is Money Glitch a scam? Yes, it is a huge scam that is replete of pressure tactics that are old, and embarrassing. There is just nothing positive to say about the Money Glitch signals program. The Money Glitch signals software is not one that you want to mess with no matter how desperate your situation might be.

The Days of the Money Glitch Are Numbered to Only a Few

Ever since it appeared on the market, the Money Glitch scam has been receiving numerous of negative reviews; therefore, it is safe to state that the days that it has remaining on the market . . . are definitely numbered.

Why Money Glitch is a Scam?

Appearance Sells?

On the official website of the Money Glitch software, you will notice an introductory video that will begin playing without you clicking on play. Now, a video playing without one clicking on it does not necessarily mean that the software is a scam, as there are legitimate systems that have introductory videos that begin playing by themselves without one first clicking on them. In the introductory video, you will notice a female that goes by the name of Selena Fairbrother. Apparently, she is the spokesperson of the Money Glitch software. She is in a bikini, next to a pool. Why in the world is the less than smart female wearing a bikini when talking about a so called professional program? Does the team behind Money Glitch want to be in the binary options field or in the pornographic industry? We are a little confused here. Believe it or not, there is a saying that entered the scene a couple of years ago, which says that appearance sells, especially that type of appearance that is sensual. For this reason, when you turn on the television, you will notice that there are a lot of commercials that seem to be concentrating on other things rather than the actual product that they are trying to promote to the public.

Website – TheMoneyGlitch.co


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No Proof Available to Back ‘Millionaire Overnight’ Claim

In her bikini, Mrs. Fairbrother goes on to say that anybody can make thousands of dollars every day with the Money Glitch signals system. That is nice of her to say, but we do not just want to hear words, we also want to see proof. Where is the proof at? We tried searching for proof everywhere on the official website of the Money Glitch scam, but there is no proof available to back this claim.

Fake Presenter



What we found out about Selena Fairbrother is hiding under a fake name. Yes, Selena Fairbrother is not her real name. She is just an actress that was taken from the fiverr.com marketplace. She can lie in front of a camera, with a bikini. It is like she is not confident that she is a good actress; therefore, she has to take her clothes off in order for people to not be so interested in what she has to say. Sorry to tell you “Selena Fairbrother” but putting a bikini on does not mean that you will be able to attract people to join a certain system in the binary options field. You look like you are old enough to know better.

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Fake Founder

Supposedly, the founder of the Money Glitch program is a man that goes by the name of David Matthews. If you have visited us before, then you know that as soon as we come across a first and last name of the supposed founder of the system that we are reviewing, we go ahead and conduct an investigation to find out the 411 of the so called founder of that particular program. After performing our investigation, we found out that David Matthews is not real, as there are no social profiles or information in the binary options arena that goes hand in hand with this name. David Matthews is a made up name. It is a very common name that a lot of people have, but there is nobody with that name that goes hand in hand with the founder of a legit auto-trading robot. After conducting further digging, we found out that David Matthews’ photo is actually a stock photo. Yes, one of those stock photos that anybody can buy for a couple of pennies from websites like shutterstock.com. In the past, this type of websites were used by magazines and newspapers, but now, scammers are also utilizing them to make their websites more attractive in appearance.


Proof – Click Here

Confusing Tactic

On the homepage of the Money Glitch software, you will notice that it mentions that this system is available only in one’s country. Now, you can trick the page by using a software that allows you to change your IP so that it can resemble another country, and you will notice that it will still say ‘available only in your country.’ What country are they referring to? Believe it or not, this is one of the latest tactics that scammers are using to make you believe that their offer is unique, when the fact of the matter is that it is very far from being so.

Locked Accounts Galore

Once those people who believed in this system made their investments, they were soon shocked to find out that their accounts have been locked for no apparent reason. For those who were “fortunate,” they were able to see what the GPS Trader was all about, for just a couple of hours. For those who were less “fortunate,” they saw how their accounts were locked in a matter of minutes after making their initial investment. Now, these people have contact the customer service, which is supposedly available at all times, but they have yet to receive a response.

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Conclusion – The Money Glitch System: A Total Waste of Time

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As you can already conclude from reading this detailed review, there is just nothing about the Money Glitch system that can benefit you in any way shape or form.



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