Is Terran Capitals a scam? The answer is yes. It definitely is a scam. This Terran Capitals scam review article serves to confirm your fears of the software being a sham. Step by step, evidences will be revealed each of them going into detail on the signals that show just how bogus the trading software is. Before everything else, we ask you to keep off the software and don’t dare start using it as all it does is drain your pockets and benefits its fraud creators.

What is Terran Capitals?

To clearly understand what the software is about and how it works, we must first get to know what a binary options trading is. Binary options involves using software with a set of algorithm (code) behind it to generate profits from the stock market. The software mainly takes advantage of loopholes in the market to make profits for those who have invested in it. This does work for most people and many have managed to generate their income by going the binary options way. Most scammers however, such as the one being reviewed, have decided to take advantage of this growing trend to try and benefit themselves.

Terran Capitals is a binary options trading software that has recently been introduced in to the market. Its CEO, Susan Carter, is responsible for developing the application which has allegedly won about eleven awards. On the promo video that one gets just upon visiting the official website, a guy has been made to do the video for Susan’s place. Susan’s face is only displayed for a few second as a screenshot. The gut goes ahead to explain how good the program is, and the amount of money it can make you. He says that the profits from using the system is a day can amount to $900 each day. It has an accuracy of 96.6 percent. The software is fully automated as it runs on autopilot hence all one needs to do is invest and wait for profits.



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Why Terran Capital is a Scam?

The scam signals start revealing themselves right from the moment Susan’s spokesman starts making his presentation. The amount he mentions are ridiculous, not mentioning the percentage accuracy of the system. Making $900 from an auto trader has never been possible although the amount seems reasonable. The best binary options trader has managed to make at most $800 a day with a success rate of not more than 85%. This are just lies that the spokesman is telling to lure innocent investors into using the bogus software. Here are some more reasons as to why you should avoid using the software.

The most obvious way to know if a software is a scam is by checking the date in which the software’s website was registered. A simple search on will reveal this detail. My research shows that the website was registered and updated just about a month ago and is set to expire such a time next year.

This is contrary to the claim by the promo video presenter that the software has been in existence for a long time. This shows that the website was just created for gullible users to register and use the software so that the frauds can get away with people’s cash. This is just but a trend that is common with most scammers today. Susan could have at least done a better job in trying to lie to us the date in which the software started being used.

The only reason Susan, the alleged owner of Terran Capitals, failed to be the one to create the promo video is because she is trying to hide her identity. Maybe the fraudsters just made up her name and picked a random photo from the internet to show use who Susan is. Or maybe, Susan is actually the owner and she knows she is a fraud hence she doesn’t want to reveal herself. All in all, there is something fishy about her not showing her face in the video. This makes anyone conclude that all of them are paid actors and frauds who intent to get away with the monies people invest in the software.

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Another point to note is that if Susan Carter is as rich as she claims to be, then she should at least be popular on social media or among regular people. However, until in the promo video, neither of us had heard of the personality Susan Carter. A simple search for Susan on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook will conquer with my argument. There is no such person as Susan carter on these sites.

Anyone who has been in business for long enough will tell you that every investment has its own risks. This is a proven fact in business. The spokesman mentioning that no risks are involved when choosing to invest in this software clearly shows that he has no business knowledge and knows not what he is talking about. He even claimed that the software has backing from CNN money, Reuters and CNBC and that the endorsement can be found on the website. The links to this pages are however not clickable and the alleged endorsers have no clue about such a company. This only points towards one thing, and that is, the whole story given by Susan’s spokesman has been made up and everything about the software is nothing but a lousy scam.

Other red flags are raised as one watches the promo video. The spokesman argues that this software is legit unlike most binary options trading applications which as scams. By doing this, he is being defensive since he knows that any sane person will pinpoint that the Terran Capitals trader is a messed up scam that is not worth anyone’s time or dime.

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Conclusion :

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It is vividly clear and beyond any reasonable doubts that the Terran Capitals software is a scam. You should therefore avoid using it and also other scam traders in the market. This should not hold you back from trying your luck with other software. There exists other traders that are legit and actually do well when it comes to generating one profits. You just have to beware of scam signals such as the ones highlighted above. Most of them actually have the same red flags that are not difficult to notice. Binary options trading however remains to be a cheap and fast way of making money and making ends meet.


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