Social Trader is another trading system recently released. The system, which was created by Jonathan Cooper claimed that it could make its users huge profits. Since the app was released to the financial market world, we have been receiving requests to review the trading app to know whether it is actually working or whether it is a scam.

If you are one of those people who had received an invitation from Jonathan and his team to sign up for the trading app, this review will be of immense importance to you. We are one hundred percent sure that system is one hundred percent scam. Before we start to enumerate those facts that make the trading app a scam, we have to carry out a review of what the Social Trading app stands for.

Social Trader Software was one the lousy trading systems recently introduced into the market. It creators claims that the trading app could fetch profitable trading signals, which will help its users to make plenty of money. The creators claimed that it can earn you as much as $24, 755 just on the first week of using the trading app.


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You can see that the creators promise instant riches after using the trading app. It is certain that Jonathan and his team are promoting a rich quick system. Have you asked yourself how a trading system can turn you into an instant millionaire? If you believe in such an assertion, then you can be a candidate for such deceit. If you check the website yourself, you would observe that it has all the attributes that you are looking for a scam site. The first is that the it is not professionally designed. This simply shows that people who were behind the trading apps were not professionals. You will actually find out in the course of this review that the system is actually a scam and does not have any professional input.

Apart from the fact that the website was poorly designed, you will see that you are not going to discover any relevant information. It does not contain any relevant information because it does not have any to give you.

Why Social Trader Software is a Scam? 

There is NO License

We have checked the website and we discovered that it does not contain any license and that is enough evidence that it is a scam. If it has been a genuine trading platform, it would be issued with a certificate. Anything that is presented to you as the certificate or license should be ignored unless they have empirical evidence that proof that it is authentic.

Who is Jonathan Cooper?

We have searched for the name of the creator of the app Jonathan Cooper and there is no verifiable evidence that he is existing. We have checked his story, and how he has made over $7 million from the Social Trader software. We tried to investigate more about him to know whether we can believe his story or not. We cannot find any reasonable information about him. If he claimed that he was very successful trader, there should have some evidence of it on the internet, especially the social media websites. He does not have any social media websites. If he claims that he has one, we encourage him to provide the evidence so that we can investigate it. If you want to use the app based on the strength of information presented by Cooper you should know that you are wasting your time, because the man is fake, as he does not exist.

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Fake Counter

In the course of this review, we have discovered that he claimed that he will give the app free for the first 15 people. You should disregard this. This is the common style adopted by scammers to force people into signing up for their apps. It limited the available number to 15 to put pressure on you to use the app. It told you 15 people just to put pressure on you. You would be assumed that if you do not make haste, you would be assuming that it will finish. Be sure that if you check that website in two months to come, you will see that the same number 15 people would continue to be there.

The most ridiculous thing that we discovered from the review is the claim that the app was made to copy the best traders in the world. It said that the system copied the style of trading used by more than 8500 expert traders across the globe. He failed to tell us how the system copies these traders, and how the system works. It is a sham and nobody should listen to such a lame story. There is nothing like copying trading experts. Binary options work in a different way from what Jonathan is saying. In the market, what matters most are signals, fundamental analysis, as well as technical analysis. It is the way that you make use of these analyses that matters and that is why professional traders are always interested about how such trading apps generate their signals. They watch out for the algorithm technique that they deploy in doing that.

Fake Information

We are certain that the Social Trader does not provide accurate information. It claimed that it has been making money for professional traders over the years. In 2015 alone, it claimed that it has earned more than 7 million dollars, but research has indicated that the trading app was released this year and not last year. This raises a serious question as to where the app has been making the millions. This is clear evidence that it is not credible and should not be trusted. What are you going to do with an app full of lies and falsehood?  & Are trusted binary options reviewers agrees that the software is scam.

Are you going to make money with Social Trader software?

Our review of the app has shown to us that you are not going to make any money using the trading app. Instead of making money, you could lose what you already have. We have not seen any evidence that anybody has ever earned a dime with the trading app. It is certain to us that it is one hundred percent scam.

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You have seen from this review that Social Trader Software is a complete fraud. You should stay away from it because you are not going to earn money.


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