If you thought Quick Cash Plan, a new binary options software that has entered the market, can be your solution to binary trading, you’re wrong. Simply told, Quick Cash Plan is a scam and you need to be wary of it.

It’s not that binary options trading itself speaks about scams. Binary trading in itself is a good option to make money but you only make money if you are experienced and have developed the skill. There is no quick alternative to it, ones like Quick Cash Plan that promises you amazing returns in just a matter of minutes. Just like many of the other binary trading software scam programs out there, this program as well promises you that you would be making money on auto pilot but just purchasing the software. Unfortunately, nothing could be farther from the truth as to the QuickCashPlan.co app.


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Why Quick Cash Plan is a Scam?

The site itself draws attention to three main things on its home page. The first thing is the sign up prompt. Above the space given for a user to enter his e-mail id for signing up, the offer provided is that if you sign up, you stand to make ‘a quick $4592 in the next ninety minutes’. It is then specified that the figure $4592 is the average winnings of members of the Quick Cash Plan software. This is the first thing that arouses a shade of suspicion. How can any software promise such a large amount of money to anyone and everyone who signs up?

Underhand Tactics Used in the Scam

Naturally, the next thing you will look for is an explanation for what kind of trading robot is this that it can make you so much money. The video that should explain the software and how it works instead tries to motivate you to sign up. The video urges you to ‘change the course of your life right now’. Next, there are testimonial videos that are said to be from real Quick Cash Plan users. This is the point where it becomes almost certain that Quick Cash Plan is a scam. One of the testimonials is from a woman who speaks in an English accent and praises the product. However, the truth is that the woman is not a genuine Quick Cash Plan user but a professional who does reviews of products for money. Her profile can be found on Fiverr.

Now the picture emerges whole. On the one hand, this website is offering to make you thousands of dollars in just ninety minutes; while on the other hand it is using fake reviews. The reviews are either fake or bought and there are no real user reviews that you could find. On the other side, it’s funny as well since all the reviews seem to glorify the product and you cannot find a single product review online that’s in the negative. No product, however good it is, can exist without a negative review, because there will always be some person out there who is unsatisfied with the offering.


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Proof: Fiverr.com

If the product was so good indeed there should have been no problem to get real testimonials. Combine this with the fact that a guaranteed return of so large an amount is absolutely impossible in such trading. Even people who have experience with binary options and know and understand the system do not make this much regularly and with guarantee.

Standard Scam Practices

The third thing you will notice on the website is that the website features a recommendation from CNN Money, quoting CNN Money as saying, “Quick, easy intuitive… this is a game changer”. This seems impressive and will end up getting many people to sign up. However, a simple Internet search reveals that CNN Money has said no such thing about Quick Cash Plan. It is a misleading site indeed. This reaffirms the conclusion that Quick Cash Plan is really a scam and is not one of the genuine sites that you can trust.

The Quick Cash Plan system also resorts to some of the tricks that are used by almost all scam sites. The website starts a countdown and announces in bold letters that it is a limited time offer and encourages you to ‘sign up now, before the times runs out’. Once the times does run out, you can still enter your e-mail address in the field and sign up. Interestingly, you can reset the counter as well if you want. Just visit the webpage again from a different browser and you will see that the time counter has started again. There is no fixed time counter and no, you’re not the lucky one who have just got hold of a deal before time runs out. Instead, you’re just being scammed into hastily buying a product before you could do your research well.

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Owing to the newness of the method compared to other trading or investment options which have been on the market for longer than anyone cares to remember, people don’t exactly have the correct knowledge about autotrading robots or forex robots or software that uses these kinds of trading robots. This makes it a field ripe for scammers like Quick Cash Plan a scam.

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The video on the webpage also fails to satisfactorily explain the method behind the extraordinary offer given to the users. It also uses pressurizing tactics and tries to use people’s fear of missing out to get them to sign up quickly, perhaps before they can rationally process or look for actual reviews of the scam. Add to this the fact that search results for this scam are filled with fake reviews that praise it endlessly, it becomes a cent per cent conclusion that this site only intends to mislead honest people.



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