The Quantum Income Machine has been declared a scam because it has failed our credibility test. We reviewed everything ranging from the woman who was presenting it to the working of the software. Everything doesn’t add up here, which is why we have concluded that traders should approach with caution whenever they are invited to join the Quantum Income Machine system.

Quantum Income Machine Review

Is Quantum Income Machine a Scam?

If you want to know whether or not you will lose your money in this pit, read this Quantum Income Machine review and make a decision. But as far as our analysis is concerned, this software has nothing to be trusted, and neither is Julia Burke — the ”millionaire” woman presenting this scam to the world.

We have busted her in her own deceit, and she can no longer continue fooling people who don’t know what she is after.

Let’s make this clear. Julia Burke is an actor who is denying the fact that she is an actor. She works in collaboration with the owner of software who in turn has teamed up with certain brokers to steal money from victims.


This is how Julia’s ”millionaire” software will scam you

She begins her story with a colorful tale of a wife abandoned by a husband with two kids. Then she goes on to say that she had to fend for herself and for her kids too, hence the idea of Quantum Income Machine system.

But in reality, this fake story is similar to Cinderella Stories that portray how good defeats evil and the victims end up living happily ever after. However, it’s good to think about how the lines can turn blurred to the point that the hero becomes the villain.

The red flags continue to come in numbers when another random man called Josh boasts of some impressive profit gains made using the Quantum Income Machine.

However, all this blubbering doesn’t make us convinced because we have analyzed and discovered that it’s a common trend employed by all binary options scams on the web. They hype it till they make it. And it’s also quite obvious that the owner of Quantum Income Machine scam invested some money to make it look genuine. It is very possible that he will soon recover his investments by fooling more people in the near future.

The reason why we are saying the Quantum Income Machine scam is the most dangerous fraud is because they have not used fiverr or stock photos. This means they’ve hired real people to act. These are people who cannot be found on the web for purposes of discreetness.

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More proof that you will lose money with this software

This woman named Julia is a liar who claims she is a well-known millionaire in Portland. However, she didn’t realize that her statement was only screwing up the deal. Such kinds of statements are very easy to confirm. I anything, one has to conduct a small Google research to identify the top millionaires in that specific area.

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You see, in our case, we searched the top 50 millionaires in Portland because that’s where she apparently lives. However, in our search for her details and how much she is making, we found absolutely nothing. This makes it difficult to trust whatever else she says on camera since she has failed the first credibility test. However, the good thing is that we can always continue stripping her lies naked to expose her dealings in conjunction with online scammers.

A millionaire with no social profile

Yes, she doesn’t have a social media profile or following. But if she exists on Facebook, Twitter or any other, then her profile must be very secret, which isn’t so convincing anyway. Which millionaire hides their social profile on the internet?

These people are well-known. They are everywhere, even on Google when you type their first names, you’ll find them. How come Julia Burke is not showing up anywhere?

In fact, we are glad that this question just came up. You see, we are only left with one conclusion every time a ”millionaire” remains underground. We have all the reasons to believe that she was hired to promote Quantum Income Machine, and hence she is just an actor. Secondly, this is a broke woman who depends on broker commissions to earn a living. It is for this reason that she is not famous in as much as she would want to lie that she reigns the world with her million dollar paychecks, thanks to a successful binary options career.


The fake bank wires

Scams have to show ”proof” of payment or what members are earning as far as binary options is concerned. However, Quantum Income Machine software has taken it too far. Instead of showing us the real proof, they are giving us the banking information of the brokers themselves. This is supposed to fool you into believing that members are earning that much.

No demo on how this software works

We would have really loved to see a demo on how Quantum Income Machine system worked. Unfortunately, we discovered that this was only a joke since they emphasized on showing us photos of inflated bank accounts and nothing else.

We wanted to see the inside of the software because that’s where the secret lies. But since they didn’t have any demo, we concluded that no software existed in the first place. But if it did, chances are that the software was copy-pasted from other scam systems on the web, and so they feared that it would give them away before they ever netted their first trader’s deposit.

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To conclude this, it is only fair to say that this software has failed our credibility test, and is only making the situation worse by asking for a $250 minimum deposit. In reality, that money is the cost of the software because once you pay it as an investment in your broker’s account, that will be the end of you. You’ll be finished when you realize that the thought of losing $250 is unfathomable. We can therefore advice everyone to stay away from this Julia Burke’s story of Quantum Income Machine.


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