In this QBITS MEGA PROFIT System review we tell you how we know that it is a scam and why it is not a reliable trading system. The developer of the QBITS MEGA PROFIT System App want you to fund an account to start autotrading with their scam software, but we have found plenty of evidence to show that it should not be trusted for autotrading. Our review exposes the truth about this scam.

What is QBITS Mega Profit System?

The quantum technology behind this trading system is said to work 3,600 times faster than a supercomputer. The System App gives you access to software which calculates market movements and places binary options trades for you.

Trading is 100% automatic. The QBITS MEGA PROFIT Software opens trades for you in less than two milliseconds and you are told to expect up to 97.5% accuracy. You should note that this percentage is not the average win rate for trading with the QBITS MEGA PROFIT System signals. It is just an indication of what the binary options system is allegedly able to achieve.


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Who Developed the QBITS Mega Profit?

Jeremy Hart has developed the automated QBITS MEGA PROFIT System, which is based on his own knowledge of quantum physics. He says that he is earning tens of thousands of dollars every month from binary options.

How Does the QBITS MEGA PROFIT System Work?

First you have to join the Rich Nerd Club, which was founded by Jeremy Hart some time ago. You will find out how to join after you have entered your name and email address on the QBITS website. Then you will be given free access to the QBITS MEGA PROFIT System App, which is said to be different to any other trading robot in the market.

You will be directed to open a broker account that can be used for trading with the software. You are asked to deposit at least $250 before you can set the QBITS MEGAPROFIT System to trade for you automatically. This will allow the quantum technology to calculate the best binary options trades and open them for you in less than two milliseconds!

Is QBITS Mega Profit System a Scam?

The QBITS MEGA PROFIT System scam video has been set up to dazzle viewers with deception, false guarantees and promises of a luxury lifestyle. Our research for this review has uncovered many signs that it is a scam and we have clear proof that the trading software is not to be trusted. When you look at the facts revealed in this section of our review, you will easily see evidence of a scam.


The narrator of the video presentation guarantees that you will gain high profits from autotrading with the software. However, on the same website there are some legal Disclaimers and Terms of Service which clearly state that there is no guarantee of any profit and the developer of the software is not responsible if you sustain losses.

According to the official website, last month members made $836,562.23 by trading automatically with QBITS MEGA PROFIT System. No details are given about exactly how many active members there are in this club, or how much money was placed on their trades. It is obviously a scam, because at the time of our investigation there was no information to be found anywhere online about the Rich Nerd Club. It could not therefore have been founded some time ago by Jeremy Hart.

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We also made some online inquiries to find out more about this CEO. There are obviously many people with the same name, but none of them is a software CEO. This Jeremy Hart is only named on sites where someone has posted a review of QBITS MEGAPROFIT System. We found no other references to a trader who uses his knowledge of quantum physics to profit from binary options!

In the video presentation, Jeremy Hart and various members of the Rich Nerd Club Members are portrayed by actors. They appear in front of photos of luxury cars, expensive boats and other top lifestyle images. There is nothing verifiable in what they say about their success from trading with the QBITS MEGAPROFIT System. One screen shot shows a trading account which is $67,897.34 in profit, but it is very easy to fake screenshots with big profits.

False testimonials appear on the website, from individual members who are supposed to be in Canada, UK, Germany and Singapore. All of them say how much they love using the QUBITS System and how they are profiting from their trades. Our investigation for this review found that none of these people has ever posted a review or endorsed it anywhere else online.

If there were any genuine members who have had great success as traders, many of them would want to post a review on other blogs and websites, but it is obvious that none of the people named as happy members are real.

The bank account screenshots in the video have also been faked. When we viewed the evidence closely for this review we noticed that on the Bank of America screenshot there is a ten year difference in some of the dates.

The Last 10 Trades, which appear on the home page in a screenshot, are also very unconvincing as evidence of success with binary options. There is no date shown for any of the trades in the screenshot.


A sure sign of a scam is evident in the awards featured at the bottom of the homepage. Various badges appear to show awards for QBITS MEGAPROFIT System and these make it look as if the software has been officially endorsed by some authority sites. The truth is the logos and badges do not represent any real organizations and the awards do not exist.

Some poor attempts have been made to create fake credentials and false testimonials to promote this scam software. There is no actual information that is verifiable about QBITS MEGA PROFIT System.

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Our investigation for this honest review shows that QBITS MEGA PROFIT System has been set up look like a different type of trading system, based on quantum physics and supercomputer technology. There is nothing genuine about the way it is presented and it is an obvious scam.


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