In this review we explain how we know that Push Money App is a binary options scam. The trading software is presented in a well made video which promises that you can make profits of more than $1,000 in an hour. In this unbiased Push Money App review we reveal the real facts. We tell you why the automated system cannot be trusted for trading and how the software offer is a scam.

What is the Push Money App System?

It is an automated binary options system that places all your trades for you. Unfortunately there is no verifiable information available about the reliability of the trading software and no details are given about the type of market analysis which is used for Push Money App signals.


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The Push Money App software has been developed by Dennis Moreland and his best buddy, Mike Callahan. They claim to have a hugely successful trading history in binary options and their new automated system has already paid out big amounts of money to a small group of beta testers from various backgrounds. None of the beta testers had any real knowledge of binary options or experience of trading.

How Does the Push Money App Work?

You only have to enter your first name and an email address to proceed. In the members’ area you will be offered an instant matching deposit bonus of up to $10,000. All you have to do is open a new broker account that will work with the software. Any amount you deposit, which must be at least $250, will be matched in your broker account for trading. In order to receive a $10,000 bonus, you would have to deposit $10,000 of your own money!

When you have funded your broker account, you simply push a button to start autotrading from Push Money App signals.

Is Push Money App a Scam?

In this part of our Push Money App review we show you how much deception has been used to promote this scam trading software offer, including faked screenshots, hired actors and no real trading results. Our investigation for this review has revealed that there is no valid information available about the performance of the trading software. We did find a great many signs that the Push Money App scam has been set up to encourage new traders to deposit large amounts of money for autotrading.

Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan are said to be the owners of the Push Money App, but research for this review found no online history for either of them. The video has been created with a sophisticated script and some superb location shots, but it is likely that actors were paid to appear in those luxury settings.

Margaret is a trader who appears in a video review of the Push Money App. She claims to have made $10,000 in just four hours! This person has appeared in other videos, under different names, testifying about similar scam trading offers.

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The video presentation is all about having enough money to get what you desire, such as a luxury car or a bigger home. A faked screenshot of Dennis Moreland’s trading account shows more than $12million in profits. He also holds up a phone showing profits of $7,712.87 for someone who registered for Push Money App five minutes ago! This is obviously another faked screenshot.

In one scene on the video, Dennis and his wife are in their car when he receives a phone call from a new member who is screaming loudly with delight at the total in her new broker account. The photo the person who is on the phone appears to have been taken from a social media account, where she has a different name and she has not posted anything about her success with the Push Money App!

The beta testers were told that they were being filmed for the video, and $250 had been placed in their accounts for trading. Within sixty seconds they all made a profit from their first trade. Then Dennis told them that the Push Money App was only in test mode for this demo, while they were being filmed, so they had not actually made any money. Filming stopped before they started to trade for real!

Our online searches found no sign of any beta tester who has posted a positive review about Push Money App after using it for real trades.

At the start of the video presentation, Dennis Moreland promises to pay you for the time you spend viewing it. He holds up a check for $1,000 and says he will write you name on it. A moment later a woman is shown with a fake check for a very large amount. This is supposed to be payment of the profits she has made with the Push Money App. The truth is that the owners of the Push Button App are not going to be sending out any checks. You will get $1,000 as a matched trading bonus if you deposit $1,000 in your new broker account, and then any profits you make will be paid to you by the broker.

We took a close look at the Terms of Service and the legal Disclaimer on the Push Money App website. These appear to have been copied from other sites. Terms state that the offer is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Estonia! There is also a paragraph about how you can request a refund for the product if you have not achieved your goal within 60 days of purchase. This implies that you will be asked to pay for the Push Money App, but there is nothing in the presentation about the cost of this product!

The legal small print also makes it clear that examples on the website are not to be taken as a promise or guarantee of earnings.

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Conclusion – Push Money App is Scam. Stay Away. 

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It is obvious from our review that Push Money App is a scam. It has a convincing video script and some good actors take part in the presentation, but there is no evidence of any real trading results or any successful beta testing.



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