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Pure Profits software is an old scam just re-released in 2016! Officially presented by Jeremy Owensky, the trading system is promising financial freedom! Don’t be fooled folks it’s just a lame fraud. Basically everything is the same as the old version released in 2015, besides the dates. Read this short exposure review!

Pure Profits Scam Review! Important details!


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In our article we`ll just going to question few of the deceptive claims made by the presenter Jeremy Owensky. Basically all the statements made by this fake actor are unrealistic.

Who actually is Owensky?

Without any doubt he is just a phony actor hidden by voice over video. Such type of videos is typical for the lousy scams and you should never trust to presentations made in similar fashion. The person does not exist, he has no LinkedIn, Facebook or any kind of other proof that appear in Google! Basically no one can confirm the existence of this man.

How the software works?

The official website does not provide intelligent information on how this system operates. We take this as major red flag since if you can’t explain how your algorithm works, how we can believe further in your words? Obviously saying that its miracle software based on a loop hole or glitch is not enough. In addition, the inside interface of the system is looking exactly the same as other scams. We talk about Nesdek, The Profit Hack and others.

Estimated profits?

The voice over narrator claims that you`ll be able to make from $800 to $1000 a day whiteout any investment needed. NO, this is just another misleading statement. To use this software, you obviously need to open account with probably a shady broker and invest at least $250. We don’t know why the developers are hiding that fact, but probably thy just want to be tricky. Anyway, such initial investment cannot bring you $800 profit per day even with legit auto-trading system. Therefore, we have another lie here.

Testimonials and endorsements.

You can notice some trading results on the website but they are not verified by third party authority, therefore thy can’t be taken as proof or legitimacy. Normally, if you want to display trading track record you want to back it up with reliable third party verification. Otherwise it’s just numbers.

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The Pure Profits Software does not enjoy any real endorsements or testimonials by day-traders. In matter of a fact we came across many negative reviews all around the social medias!

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Conclusion On The Pure Profits Scam Review!!

Without any doubt we announce the new version of the Pure Profits Software 2016 a fraud operation!  We have all the evidence we need. Poorly made presentation video with voice over acting and lots of misleading information! No endorsements what so ever from any of the authority industry blogs or forums. In addition, we have unrealistic estimated profits, which cannot be accomplished with $250 deposit obviously! Everything together is rounding this system as pure money stealing scheme!

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