Firstly Profits Infinity software is a very big joke to start with. The owner of this scam claims that all users will comfortably make $3,874.92 in profits every day. He also claims that this software is 100% accurate, thanks to his blatant statement in which he alleges that Profits Infinity system has been making zero losses since 2014.

It is very shameful and even ignorant to have Mark Bromovich talking in front of experienced traders. In fact, this is the reason why his system is only aimed at those who are joining the industry for the first time. This category of traders are curious, although they desire quick profits. It is for this reason that they fall for any trading bot that promises millions in a couple of months.

Thankfully, we have busted the owner of Profits Infinity software, and he can no longer fool you after reading this review. We therefore ask that you go through this review till the end to see why we’re stating (without blinking an eye) that this is a truly dangerous scam.


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Profits Infinity Review

Is Profits Infinity a Scam?

Lots of evidence is available on this site, and it’s only a matter of just pointing them out to see why we’re saying this is a scam service.

You can clearly see that Mark’s background is not very convincing. He claims that he used to work for an investment company called Blackstone Group, and that he made them millions of dollars before things went haywire in the 2008 economic turmoil.

However, research shows that the said company was not affected at all by the big crash. In fact, the company did extremely well to the point of buying a few companies that were failing at the time. Because Blackstone Group was not affected, they didn’t retrench a single employee.

What this means is that Mark’s story was all made up to sell his Profits Infinity system. Records show that this man was not even an employee of the said company, and this leaves us with one question; should we continue trusting everything else he says concerning his Profits Infinity scam software? Definitely not. But for the sake of our readers, it will be helpful to keeping pointing these red flags.

How this scam service operates to execute trades with a 100% accuracy

According to Mark’s own words, Profits Infinity app is so accurate that it has never lost a trade in the last two years of its existence.

He claims that the software will automatically drop trades as soon as it figures out that the probability of losing is high. At this point, the investment for that trade will be credited back to the trader’s account, shielding them from the potential loss.

However, just in case you didn’t know, we want to categorically state that a break even feature does not exist in binary options trading. Part of the reason for this is that all brokers profit from their traders’ activities. Not only would this kind of trading deny them their share, but it would also put the financial markets in a bad position. To cut a long story short, people must win, and people must also lose, period!

Finally, the working of this software isn’t very clear since we have not been told what methods or techniques it uses to execute trades. Instead, Mark uses a vague statement which states that Profits Infinity signals use a discreet trading pattern recognition algorithm to successfully execute trades.

And the problem with such vague statements is that they never instill any confidence in potential users. What is more, such a statement shows some level of ignorance on the part of the person doing the talking. You see, in the world of binary options trading, no stone is left untouched. Everything is explained in relation to the trading technique being used. So unless one doesn’t have any knowledge on binary options trading, we don’t see why they should hide behind statements that don’t make sense.

Trend trading is the most common trading technique that both software and manual traders use. However, you can take this statement to the bank when we tell you that pattern recognition is something that less experienced traders can use to win at least half of their trades. Nevertheless, we assume that a software should do better than a human trader. But most importantly, the developer must state the algorithm and the techniques that such software is using to enter trade opportunities.

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Profits Infinity app was registered in March 2016 and not in 2014

You won’t believe it when we tell you that this website is barely 2 months old, yet the owner is yelling at the top of his voice about how it has been existing since 2014.

We discovered this information when we searched for the background of the so-called Profits Infinity software. Whois can’t possibly be wrong. Furthermore, this confirmation reveals that the accuracy level of this software is a story that was made up. It would be very false to state that this software has never made any losses since 2014 when it was just discovered one and a half months ago.

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Claims on big news organizations endorsing Profits Infinity signals

If you are skeptic in nature, you will want to explore everything about this software. The good thing, however, is that all materials you need to do this job is provided in the site which hosts this scam service.

They claim that this software was endorsed by major news organizations like CNN, Forbes, and Bloomberg. But we can’t find any instance where any of these sites mentioned Profits Infinity system. There is absolutely no trace of this software ever getting mentioned outside Profits Infinity website.

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Contrary to what the owner of this site is saying, you should not believe that this is the best offer to get into. You should not even trust them when they say you’ll get 100% satisfaction from using this software. We promise that any attempt to defy this review will only get you counting your losses. To summarize it all, Profits Infinity scam is just what it is. Traders should not expect to gain anything here.

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