Another BinaryOptions trading robot we are going to review is the Profit Maker Method. It was one of the recently released apps and its promoters are making lots of noise on the internet. Timothy Hollingdale presented the trading app. He called himself a professional trader. This claim is doubted, as you shall see in the course of this review. There are lots of questionable information, which made us to doubt the credibility of most of the information provided here.

After watching the video narration, we concluded that the stories paraded by Timothy cannot be believed. He claimed that he was a successful banker with the Barclays, and that because of the wide experience he has gathered in the banking profession, he was able to develop the Profit Maker Method. We found it very hard to believe this story, because we do not find any connection between being a banker and being binary options investor. Does it mean that the system is the same thing with the banking system or that it is always traded on the banking platform? Perhaps that lame story could only fly among inexperienced traders. It is certain to us that most of the information he provided were targeted to these amateur traders, these are people that could be persuaded by his type of story.

He claimed that has a winning rate of more than 96 percent and that it works on an autopilot basis. The implication of this is that you no longer need to worry yourself by placing a trade; rather you can depend on the trading app to be placing the trade for you. Your duty would be collecting revenues to be generated for you by the trading robot. We have seen several claims like this in the past and they all eventually turn to be crooks. Our advice is that before you use this trading app, you have to read this review and other reliable reviews to get the correct information about this robot. As far as we are concerned, this is another phony trading platform.


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Why Profit Maker Method is a Scam?!

30 days free trial

Timothy Hollingdale promised to give his system free for the first thirty days after which it begins to attract financial payment before you are able to use it again. This is meaningless because it is not free in the real sense of it. Do you not know what it means to say that something is free? When you say that something is free, it means that there would be no financial commitment on your own part before you begin to use the app. This is not the case with Profit Maker Method robot. The system demands that you fund your account with the sum of $250 minimum before you can use it. If they want to make it free, they should provide traders the opportunity to try the system free without committing their money. Since this opportunity is not there, it is wrong for them to claim that the trading is free.

Who is Timothy Hollingdale?

We have checked out the producer of the Profit Maker Method and we discovered that he is a fictitious character. This was a role played by an actor who was paid for the job he did. We have confirmed that the image shown at the video is nothing, but a stock image that was stolen or bought from the internet. The man does not exist. If he exists, we want him to bring us the evidence of it. We have Googled the internet about this fictious and scam character we did not find any information that can link him to the binary options market. To make the matter worse, he does not even a social media presence. If he has any, we would have seen it. This is a clear sign that it is one hundred percent scam.

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Furthermore, we can confirm that the people behind this app do not know anything about the binary options trading from their statements and claims. How can they claim that their trading system can achieve a record of 96 percent winning rate. This is simply not possible. There is no way you can achieve that success rate in the financial assets market with a trading app like the Profit Maker Method. Once you see any trading platform that offers such an incredible claim, simply distance yourself from it because it is a scam. This is the way we described this scandalous software.

Profit Maker Method forces its members to trade with unregulated and unregistered brokers just to make it easy for them to take your money. They use Tradorax, which is notorious for their unprofessional act. If you use their broker, your money would be stolen from you. This is another sign that you are dealing with a scam system.  & Are trusted binary options reviewers agrees that the software is scam.

Fake testimonials

Another thing that you are going to discover here is the falsehood and lies perpetrated by Profit Maker Method. We have checked all their testimonials and none of them is credible. They were all paid actors from If you check the beginning of the website, you will get the first sign that you are dealing with a scam. Have you seen the section where their clients claimed that they have been withdrawing money from their bank account every morning and the amount they withdraw every morning stood at $2200 to $2300. The question you will ask yourself is why should they be requiring the amount of money every morning. This to us does not make any sense and it can never lead the trading app to anywhere. We have talked about the photos; we have checked them and discovered that these were copied from different online websites. You can check those pictures yourself and you will not doubt as to whether they were stolen from other online sources. Only scam systems can do this.

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Profit Maker Method trading bot is one hundred percent scam. It has never yielded any income to anybody and it will never do so. It is a waste of money to invest on the app. There is no doubt that you are convinced with the review that you should stay out of it.



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