Here is our latest review on Power Profit Platform. And before you read the whole review let me tell you in advance that its just another scam software. Why? How? Keep reading.

We occasionally go undercover to reveal some of the worst scams ever encountered in binary options trading. In fact, some of our readers occasionally come back to us confessing how we saved them from losing money when they were almost falling into a binary options scam. This is the most encouraging thing to do and hear from our readers, and so we will always continue to update you whenever binary options scams appear on the web.

Nevertheless, most of the people behind these scams are diligent and will never give up on you. The latest scam doing rounds on the web is called The truth about this program will shock you, and that’s what we’re covering in this review now.

Power Profit Platform System Scam Review

If you’ve already fallen for this fraud, we’re really sorry and we don’t know how to help you at this point. But as for all those would-be binary options traders contemplating to invest money in this software, we are sounding a warning that should not be taken for granted. Reason being; Power Profit Platform Software is the worst scam you’ll ever encounter on the web in this season.


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Evidence is written everywhere, plus our tests can confirm that indeed you will lose money here.

Just in case you’re familiarizing yourself with the Power Profit Platform App for the first time, we’ll let you know that this software is alleged to make you between $1,500 and $2,497 daily profit without fail. In fact, the owner of this Power Profit Platform scam makes it clear that you can be assured of earning a hefty monthly salary.

Why Power Profit Platform is a Scam?

Apparently, he’s put up a poorly done video clip on the official website to try convincing you into jumping into his software thinking that Power Profit Platform signals are the most reliable and truthful. Don’t be disappointed, and as you’ll see in this review, this is the worst thing you can ever get involved in when trying to make a profit from this software.

First, who is this guy called George Serriton? No one knows him and because of this, we can confidently conclude that he is a fictitious guy trying to offer you a ”solution” to your binary options trading challenges. You cannot rely on someone you do not know or trust. Otherwise, you will lose money without fail — that’s a guarantee.

According to what we’ve gathered from our undercover work, the man behind Power Profit Platform App does not use his real name or photo. His photo was lifted directly from Pinterest to fool you into believing he’s real.

His Power Profit Platform story is clearly made up and we don’t have any doubt when we state it in this review that the whole story is completely nonsense. He says that Power Profit Platform was created to cheat the system and nullify the losses.

He further states in his video that this is completely okay with brokers as long as losing trades are not converted into profits for binary traders. In other words, if you have Power Profit Platform signals working for you, it will only execute profitable trades and nullify losing ones so their impact won’t reflect on your account balance.

In reality, no system works like that, so do not trust Power Profit Platform to do it for you. And if that was the case, then brokers across the world would lose serious money, and this beats the logic of doing business in the first place. That’s why we initially stated that this was nonsense, right from the introduction of the video till the end.

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Secondly, if this was true, it would be illegal to ”cheat” the system. No broker would allow this under any circumstance, including those working with the so-called Power Profit Platform. Proceed with caution here!

George Serriton claims that his video is proof enough of the profitability of his system

In this day and era where videos can be created from anything and using anything, we can’t bank on videos that much. Just take a closer look into his bank statement and PayPal balance and you will instantly ask yourself why PayPal didn’t freeze his account due to money-laundering activities?


The reason why you’re asking that question is because those figures don’t make sense. They are simply too good to be true, and this is evidence enough that they are made up. Also, whoever did this video seemed not to understand English very well. And therefore, if Serriton the fictitious guy failed to make a professional presentation of a system he claims will earn you a salary of $2,497 everyday, this is evidence enough that Power Profit Platform App doesn’t work, plus it will cost you in the long run.

Thirdly, this platform doesn’t exist. Unlike other popular frauds on the web, this one is a scam that has another face. If you’re popular with frauds like Medallionaire or even Phoenix Trading, it doesn’t take you some work to realize that Power Profit Platform was lifted from either of the two platforms, and only the logo and color was changed.

George Serriton’s final attempt to make you believe him

First, he’s a fictitious guy and we’re emphasizing on this. Secondly, his so-called Power Profit Platform Software does not exist, and third, he is lying when he tells you that he got the idea from a friend who worked with one of the popular brokers on the web.

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Conclusion – Power Profit Platform is a Scam.

So with claims that Power Profit Platform System is supposed to nullify up to 8 losing trades so you can avoid losing money (with a caveat that losing trades cannot be turned into winning trades), we can say that this is the worst lie we’ve ever heard — which is why we are warning you in this review never to pay attention to the Power Profit Platform Software. It will cost you without a doubt.

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