In a few days time, there will be a lot of noise about a trading system called Phoenix Trading software. We have reviewed the trading app and have sufficient reasons to write it off as a scam. If you were planning to use this trading system, you should first read our review and discover reasons you should never commit yourself to the fraudulent app. Information available about the software indicated that William Johnston collaborated with other scammers to produce the app.

Our findings indicated that the major aim of system is to lure inexperienced traders into signing in for the software and make away with their money after that. They must have probably known that professional traders would never buy to their system. In the course of this review, we are going to expose those tricks, which Phoenix trading app relies to steal your hard-earned money.


If you open the website, you will see a video narration that is full of false information. Suspecting that their system will be branded a scam, the video narrator started by defending the system that it is not a scam. To deceive you into believing that their app is not a scam, they presented a screenshot of purported earning by its users. All we can say at this point is the screenshot is fake; it is not a reflection of what actually happened at the binary options market.

William stated that there is nothing like the Phoenix Trading system. We agree with him, we did not see any other fraud system that has gone to their extent of stealing money from unsuspecting traders. If you invest your money in the scam, you are going to lose it.

Speaking of the William Johnston, who claimed to represent a group of investors known as the Marshall Sherman Group, we are certain that both Marshall Sherman group and its spokesman, William Johnston does not exist. We take out time to investigate the company and found out that there is no trace of the company anywhere, it does not have any location, and does not have a functional web address. It is certain that a group of scammers who do not want to reveal their identity put Phoenix Trading software together.

Why Phoenix Trading is a Scam?

Fake Identity

We have already said that there is no trace of Marshall Sharman Group anywhere as a legitimate and a legal existing entity. The same thing could be said of William Johnston. It is apparent that the name does not exist. He has no social media account, and there is no evidence that he is a trader. What is right to say at this time is that the people behind Phoenix Trading app are not verifiable and that makes them a fraudulent website.

We also doubt the authenticity of the system because nobody has heard about them. Even before they should be released, at least some people must have tried it at a beta trading level, and there should have been information from people. The truth is that nobody has ever made money with the app.

Annoying Email Popup

Why should the website be disturbing you with email popup? The reason is simple, it is either they want to make money with your email address, or they want to be sending you spam messages. Whenever you see a website disturbing you with unwanted messages, you should stay away from them. Profitable software does not need to bother you by pleading for your email address and contact information even to the extent of forcefully preventing you from leaving when you are no longer satisfied with the system. This is a clear sign that phoenix Trading app is a scam.

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No Real Trading Algorithm

Another thing that shows that Phoenix Trading robot is a scam is that it does not implement any trading algorithm. After watching the video narration and reading through the website, there is no information as to how they generate those signals they believe can make you that plenty of money. This is important information professional traders always lookup to decide whether they will use an app or not. Phoenix Trading system did not reveal any. We are not surprised, because it cannot offer what it does not have.

Uses Fake Results

We discovered that information including screenshots was fake results. With the use of photoshop technology, anybody can fake such a result. It presents fake results to deceive traders into believing their information and waste their money on their scam trading app. We discovered that people paid to fake such testimonial made testimonials. The pictures were either stolen or copied from another website because we have seen corresponding pictures on the internet, and many of them from This implies that Phoenix Trading app is a creation of


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Phoenix Trading has NO Effective Customer Service

Another fact that will make you to believe that Phoenix Trading app is a scam is its very bad customer support. Have you tried to reach out to their customer service? If you do, you will observe that the customer department for an organization that claims to dealing with binary option trading software does not exist. This clearly shows that it is a scam. It does not want anybody to hold it for anything, and that is why their customer service department is virtually dead.

If you check Phoenix Trading app, you would observe that the automated trading app was blacklisted by notable review websites. This a clear sign that it is a scam. They have checked and seen that you cannot make any money using the app. In fact, no person has ever made money using Phoenix Trading software.


There are genuine profitable apps that can guide you to make money, but not Phoenix Trading system. We have studied the system and discovered that is one hundred percent scam.


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