Perpetual Formula is a terrible scam. We have more than enough proof to support our verdict. If you happen to receive the email message inviting you to register with Perpetual Formula System, do not bother to look at it. You could be tempted to open it. Please don’t because you may be lured into trying to use it. The result will be the loss of your money. That is the hard truth. We are already receiving numerous complaints from irate customers who were misled into signing up with the software. They ended up losing their hard earned money. Perpetual Formula scam is targeting novice traders who have no knowledge about trading or those that may not have time to read reviews before deciding to use the software. In this Perpetual Formula Review, we are going to expose those scam artists so that you do not become a victim. Read this honest review carefully and thank yourself later.

Paid Actor As Owner

First and foremost, David Parker introduces himself as the software owner as well as the CEO of Perpetual Formula Company. In the real sense, he is a paid actor who has been hired to make a nice presentation that can attract people and convince them to register with Perpetual Formula. We tried to search him on LinkedIn, the largest professional network in the world but he was nowhere to be seen. He doesn’t even appear on other social media sites like Facebook. We wanted to look at his profile and see if it rhymes with what he is saying. There was absolutely nothing. He is just an actor. Don’t believe him. He is doing what he has been paid to do. In fact, his face has appeared in other scam video presentations.



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A Pack of Lies

David Parker tells us so many lies. He says that Perpetual Formula Software is the only 100% guaranteed way to make daily profits forever. His intention is to make you feel convinced this is the only software that can make your money. We know very well that in a financial market, there is no way software can make 100% profits forever. It has never happened. There is no way David Parker will convince us that his software can do that.

He adds that Perpetual Formula is zero loss software. Where on earth will you trade binary options without losing even once? This is totally divorced from reality. He goes further and says that the software was build based on machine-readable technology to accurately predict the market. How?

He also lies when he says that he worked in New York for the richest people in the world. That he used to maintain their portfolio. He goes on to show a screen shot of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and other top richest people in the world. Scammers like using this technique. They try to associate themselves with rich guys when in the real sense, they have no personal touch with them. If the software is genuine as claimed, let it sell itself.

Is The Account Balance Real?

David Parker goes further and shows us as a screenshot of his account balance which reads $25,000,000. He wants us to believe that this is true when we know that there are applications which can enable a person to create such documents showing fake account balance.

Exaggerated Promises

Just like other scam software, Perpetual Formula is full of exaggerated promises. The software promises you to make $ 112,585.65 every month. This is unbelievable! It cannot happen. While every person wants to become rich, telling them that the software will generate them such large amount of money within 30 days is stretching too far. Any reasonable person knows that such a thing cannot happen in real life situation.

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Also, avoid Hoffman Stein Nexus App, its a scam!!

Fake Testimonies

David Parker wants you to feel totally convinced that Perpetual Formula scam is real. He wants you to believe that you will make profits when you trade Perpetual Formula Signals. That is why he calls the people he hired and asked them to share their experience with the software. All of them are in praise of Perpetual Formula Scam. They tell us that the software has changed their lives but do not show us how their lives were changed as a result of using Perpetual Formula Scam. There are also other fake testimonies on the software site. They sound so promotional, a clear indicator that they have been paid for.

Perpetual Formula Is Free. Really?

David Parker also says that Perpetual Formula is free. But this is not the truth. When signing up, you will be required to deposit $250 with a broker for you to begin using the software. Is this what we call free? Not.

Just like other scam software, Perpetual Formula restricts you to a choice of brokers. You cannot select a broker of your choice. These scam artists will assign you the broker to deposit the money with. After depositing, you will never see your money again. It will disappear faster than you deposited.

Is Perpetual Formula Scam?

Perpetual Formula is the scam as evidenced by fake testimonies which sound promotional. Also, it is full of lies and exaggerated promises. This is what characterizes scam software. Perpetual Formula is no exception. The alleged software owner, David Parker is just but a paid actor. He is not the owner as purported. Besides, David Parker says that the Perpetual Software is zero loss software that guarantees traders 100% profits forever. We know such a thing cannot happen in binary options trading. In summary, Perpetual Formula is the scam.



Our reviews have proved that Perpetual Formula is the scam. Testimonies are fake; complaints are many, promises are exaggerated, and lies are just too much.

Our research also showed that there are no positive customer reviews from third party sites. Instead, we read so many complaints by irate customers who lost their money.

Also, all expert reviews indicate that Perpetual Formula is the scam. You should, therefore, avoid it completely. There are better options out there.

On top of that, reviews have shown that the software does not make 100% guaranteed profits as claimed. Instead, you will lose your money. The truth of the matter is that there is no software that can make you 100% profits forever.

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The above honest review will help you to avoid this scam software in case you receive email invitation asking you to join. Those who tried due to lack of information are regretting. You are lucky because you won’t regret. You won’t lose your money to these scammers. In conclusion, Perpetual Formula is scam.

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