Today we’re looking into another scam software by the name Oil Millionaire app. It claims to make you $1,000 every day, something that isn’t true because all traders who unknowingly sign up for this software end up losing everything. Therefore, it’s expedient that you trust this review because it comes to you first-hand.

Truth is, Oil Millionaire app system is just another creation by an affiliate who only cares about profiting from your own pocket. They are actually out to promote scam brokers who will mercilessly swallow your investments. Don’t even try to use Oil Millionaire App Software because you will regret it all you life.

We have credible evidence which point to the fact that this software is only full of empty promises. In fact, if you had the option of either using this software or relying on manual trading methods, you would have a 100% chance of beating this software. So it’s not worth using it at the end of the day, don’t you think?

Oil Millionaire App Review

The idea behind this scam is that you’re supposed to take advantage of the current oil crisis to always win trades. The owner of this fraud claims that he can show you the same secrets that tycoons selling oil have been using for a long time. He claims he has the secret that all the wealthy oil traders out there are not willing to tell you, and that by signing up to his, you’d instantly gain the same trading techniques and opportunities that these wealthy billionaires have been enjoying.


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But the truth is, once you cast your hard-earned $250 into your broker’s account, you will instantly lose everything. You don’t want to learn this lesson the hard way. So keep reading this review to discover reasons why you shouldn’t waste your money and time trying to consider using Oil Millionaire App.

Oil Millionaire App Scam Facts

The software isn’t free to use

Most scams on the internet now pose as ”free to use”. Free things are never good. In fact, years of experience and wisdom will teach you that indeed freebies cost dearly in the long run. Donald Olsson claims that with his Oil Millionaire App system, you will trade with other people’s money without risking a cent.

We don’t see any reason why someone would allow you to trade with their money anyway. It’s such a damn idea to claim this statement to the world. It portrays the highest level of ignorance. In fact, if you’ve been trading binary options for some time, you will instantly see that this is a lie. And if that was the case, you wouldn’t be asked to deposit $250 with the broker.

Rush sales tactics

The same pressure sales tactics that other fraudsters are using out there can be found here as well. This is another evidence that indeed you will lose money if you try out this software.

According to the official page, they claim they have limited spots available for people to sign up and receive $1,000 bonus. When writing this review, we realized that no one was claiming those spots at all. It was always 14 copies remaining after which the offer would expire.

It doesn’t take you hard work to realize that the owner of this scam software is taking you for a ride. Pressure sales tactics no longer work in getting people to buy an idea or product. We don’t see the reason why you should fall for a scam software like this one.

We doubt the owner of Oil Millionaire software

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We cannot establish the credibility of this man called Donald Olsson (other people call him Josh Bacon). First, his video presentation doesn’t feature him at all. Instead, we can only rely on a voice over that’s supposed to lead us into believing Oil Millionaire app is the ultimate binary options software to use.

We ran a quick research on Google only to realize that this imaginary personality is only associated with Oil Millionaire scam software. His name doesn’t appear anywhere else.

But according to what we know, we’ve seen that all the oil tycoons out there have their names and photos spread everywhere on the internet. They are very popular, plus they have nothing to hide. So if Olsson was a player too, we would have easily identified him. Apparently, this is not the case, and we cannot trust anything else he tells us in that introduction video.


This is the laziest scam we’ve ever seen

Oil Millionaire is supposed to make you at least $1,000 in profits on a daily basis. But how come the official site is just a total joke?

They have not stated their Terms of Service or warnings in relation to what they do and the risks every trader should be prepared to take when they use Oil Millionaire App signals.

Well, we cannot heavily rely on these pages as a judging instrument because other scam software out there still have these pages in tact, and that doesn’t change the fact that they are still fraud.

But if it’s true that Oil Millionaire will indeed make you $1,000 in profit, we don’t see the reason why they should ignore those pages. Serious binary options software developers don’t leave those pages behind. They don’t craft a website that lacks professionalism and try to use it to sell their product to the world. If they did so, they would terribly fail to make even a single sale.

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Verdict – Oil Millionaire App is Scam. Stay Away. 

No one knows the owner of Oil Millionaire app signals. First, he has two names — just like we mentioned above. Some reviews call him Josh Bacon. Other reviewers don’t associate him with any name, so they chose to call him ”Oil Millionaire software team”.

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Therefore, it’s safe to assume that this is just another fraudster not willing to get caught, so they are doing all they can to hide their identity. And the fact that they couldn’t even manage to post some fake testimonials like other scams do tells us that this is the laziest, and quickest binary options scam ever done on the internet. We cannot, therefore be wrong by saying Oil Millionaire App Software is a deadly fraud.


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