Read this Important Neo2 Software review,Find out whether Neo 2 App is Scam or not. Neo2 Software trading platform is finally here! Being in the binary options industry for a while, we have seen many autotraders. Many auto traders are a let down because they just do not work or too complicated to operate. For a beginner, it is very daunting to know about the different components, how they work if it will even be profitable. This week, the Neo2 trading app is available and open to receive members for a focus group. In this Neo2 software review, we will break down the unique features of this auto trader, backstory and management team behind this trading app. You can then decide if you would like to join thisFocus group for FREE of charge. Once Neo2 launches to project, the annual license fee is $7900 per user. What we love about this is, there are no fake offers, no scarcity counters, no paid testimonials or actors, no unrealistic profits or claims. Just plain and simple! Read this detailed Neo2 software review if you would like to see this trading app is for you. Official website: Neo2TradingApp

Neo2 Software Overview

The Neo2 software is unique in so many ways. It is backed up many industry leading experts in their fields – Michael Freeman, Dr. Jack Piers, Amit Gupta and William Van Loon. These are no paid actors! Its algorithm is a combination of weather forecasting and binary options trading strategies with a simple user interface to operate with! It does not get any easier than this. The binary options trading platform what we have seen so far has done an outstanding job in hiding the complexities of the inner workings. Perfect to use even for beginners. The CEO of the Neo2 software, Dr. Jack Piers, is a weather enthusiast. In particular, he is obsessed with solar activities, climate forecasting and its overall impact, days in advance on earth. Now, what does this have to do with binary options trading app? That is a very good question. The forecasting piece of the algorithm is extracted, re-used to the binary options trade forecasting to make profits. That’s the bottom line!

That brings to our next piece of the jigsaw puzzle – binary options trading strategies. Michael Freeman, who requires no introduction to binary options traders in the field, is an expert with many innovative trading strategies. He owns the biggest YouTube channel to education members and has been his primary teaching medium. He also is the developer of Mike’s Autotrader software. Michael Freeman’s strategies are the direct contribution to building Neo2’s baseline. More details in the next section on how the Neo2 software works.

Combining these two are Amit Gupta’s design in the user interface and seamless integration with the cutting edge technology. The platform is web based design with no download. This auto trading app is cloud based that can be accessed with PC, mobile or tablet devices. Trading App is transportable and handy when you are in the need to use, even on-the-go.

How does the Neo2 work?

The Neo2 trading app can be operated in fully automated mode. Even a novice trader can use this auto trader with little supervision. Michael Freeman technical analysis is the powerful juice behind this autotrader, crunching raw data comparing the markets to identify the winning trades. Having all work done behind the scenes, for the trader, it is easy to navigate the system in 3 steps:

  1. Activate NEO Sync function. This enables the weather satellite to extract data real time.
  2. Enable Trade Algo. This starts the analyzing the data behind the scenes and ready for auto trading.
  3. Press Start Now button. This will combine both functions 1 and 2 above and auto trades.

Neo 2 Software Review

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The app is making 85% ITM (= In The Money = Winning Trades) per our research and what we have heard from Michael Freeman’s testing team. It is expected to generate $3000-$4000 a week. We are in the process of pilot testing and will bring in the results and to demo the trading app. Stay Tuned!

Neo2 Management Team

The combination of expert team members has produced with unique trading app. Following are the management team members.

Michael Freeman: Binary Options Trading Strategist, brains behind the NEO2 software. Michael reached out to Dr. Jack Piers after seeing some of this long weather forecasting strategies. Hence began their partnership into building the Neo2 software.

Dr. Jack Piers: Long forecast weather enthusiast and passionately obsessed with Solar activities. CEO of the Neo2.

Amit Gupta: Worked on many projects for Silicon Valley companies joined the Neo2 management team as CTO, Chief Technology Officer.

William Van Loon: CFO of Initially being the early investor, he tested the Neo2 trading app to confirm the credibility and profits it can generate. After his testing rounds, he was impressed with the results that he decided to fully invest in the company and assumed the role of CFO.

The NEO2 Offer

Currently, Neo2 trading app is ready to take members on a focus group. The long-term plan is to take it to Kickstarter community. Before this, Dr. Jack Piers, Michael Freeman and the team are looking to earn new traders hence offering it for FREE. Given that these days, all trading apps are for FREE, the team has opened up the same offer for Neo2 software to be fair. Once this app reaches Kickstarter the annual licensing fee is $7900 per user. With the expected result of $3000-$4000 a week, this is an inexpensive licensing fee. Take advantage of it NOW if you like what you see.

Neo2 Software review
Michael Freeman, Binary Options Expert behind Neo2

NEO2 App Updated With Even Better Features!

I’ve never witnessed a team work so hard to make their software even better than before based on the feedback provided by beta users and test groups! They have literally been working night and day to make this one of the best binary auto trading systems that you can get.

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NEO2 App Trade Volume Setting

The Trade Volume setting is a very welcome addition to how this auto-trader works, since it should give you greater control over the conditions under which you want the bot to trade on your behalf. When the market volume is low, the market often moves unpredictably, and therefore it is advisable to only trade when there is a fair amount of volume in the market to provide liquidity.


There are a number of trading strategies for both Forex and other non-Forex assets that use volume very effectively to establish a trading edge. You would do yourself a favor to read up on some of these, but you’re also more than welcome to leave all the heavy lifting for the NEO2 app.

By being able to set the trading volume above which you want to place trades therefore gives you a tremendous amount of power over your trades, and it also gives you a lot more flexibility than most other binary options trading systems.

You can set the level from 25 to 500, and as a starting point, I would suggest you set it to 200.

Signal Strength For Auto-trading With The NEO2 App


You now have the ability to set the signal strength of the auto-trader to the level you are comfortable with. Exactly what makes up the signal strength is unfortunately proprietary, so I don’t know exactly how it is determined, but it should strongly correlate to the confidence level that the trading signal will be correct. You can set it all the way down to 50% or all the way up to 100%. Personally I would recommend a setting like 85%, since it gives you a good balance between frequency and accuracy. You’re welcome to play around with the setting and see what works best for you.

NEO2 App Trading Risk Level

With traditional trading, the risk level is closely associated with your stop-loss level and how far you are willing to let your trade go in the wrong direction before you either run out of money to support the position, or you get spiked out.


With binary options, things are a bit different though. Since you do not have to worry about stop-loss levels with binary options, your risk level is set by the number of trades that you are willing to take. This is exactly what the Risk level in the NEO2 app allows you to choose. You can set it to a very conservative level of one trade per day, or go all-out with a setting of 10 trades per day. It all depends on your appetite for risk and reward.

Change Your NEO2 App Broker

Last but not least, you can change the broker you’re using with the newly introduced “Change Broker” button.


NEO2 App Trading Results – 87% ITM Rate!

The trading results with the NEO2 app has been very impressive! The best way to show you is probably by simply pointing you to the video below, where I give a quick overview of the features and show you my results.

How to Register for the Neo2 Software?

Registration is straight forward. DO NOT create the broker account first. Many reach out to us asking how to link the software with the new broker account. The NEO2 software is integrated with several regulated brokers. Once you register, we will automatically assign the recommended broker to your account based on your geographic location. Follow these step by step guidelines:

  1. On the browser, press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL Clear your COOKIES and CACHE to ensure successful linking between your broker registration and the software. This is critical step so you are not transferring any unnecessary data that interferes. We have seen failed registrations if this step is missed.
  2. Visit Neo2Software.
  3. Enter Name, email address.
  4. In members page, enter the phone number. Enter your Country code with your phone number.
  5. Choose a password. Click Register.
  6. Fund your account.
  7. Activate NEO Sync function.
  8. Enable Trade Algo.
  9. Press Start Now button. This will start placing auto trades on your behalf. Happy Trading!

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Neo2 Software Review: Conclusion

In our research, we have found this auto trader to be impressive. NEO2 is a legit software! Stay tuned for our testing results and a walk through of the system in the upcoming days. No tricks, no mess, no false claims, no actors, no funny business. The Neo2 software will not remain FREE for long. It has been tested for over 3 months by Michael Freeman and his trading group team members. As we mentioned above, it has been confirmed by the CFO in his early days when he was only an investor. The testing has changed his mind to back up this company and product fully. Now, exclusively available on

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