Navstar Trader Scam or Legit?

This review aims to proof the legitimacy of this trading system!

Navstar Trader Software is new binary options auto trading robot. The alleged presenter is Ethan Harrington and he has a lot to say! Since the video presentation is approximately 30 minutes long. The promises made and the estimated profits are quite staggering! To be honest for us everything inside sounds a little bit unrealistic. That’s why reading this article till the very end is extremely important for your further decision making regarding this service.


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Navstar Trader Scam Review! Earning $22,005 per day, is it all possible?

Yes, you are reading it right, the application promises everyday income of $900 per hour, $22,005 per day and motley revenues of $670,000, all guaranteed by Ethan Harrington. The alleged man is presenter, CEO and Founder of Navstar Trader Software.

Harrington describes himself as former Nasa employee from Boston, satellite technology enthusiast and a self-made multi-millionaire! His work at Nasa was to operate with global Satellite communications, where he gained lots of knowledge about the technology and overall about raw data delivering. Actually that’s the core ingredient behind the algorithm of the Navstar Trader software, the granular data. So now we`ll put everything to the test claimed into the presentation video because, to be honest it does sound little bit complicated and strange.

What’s granular data and is this process applicable into binary options trading?

Granular data as the name means it is a detailed data portions, or the lowest level of data that can be targeted. “A good example of data granularity is how a name field is subdivided, if it is contained in a single field or subdivided into its constituents such as first name, middle name and last name. As the data becomes more subdivided and specific, it is also considered more granular.”(source:

The granular data is pointed as key element of the success of the Wall Street traders. This statements sounds absurd, yes data and fundamentals overall are a key fragment, but that does not mean that every trader is data scientist. We literally don’t find any reasonabilities into Ethan’s words.

The explanation of the narrator about how the Navstar Trader Software works, and he goes even further. The system is using GPS satellite connections to get trading outcome 94/100ths of a second faster than the exchanges. Also, again we get the crazy agenda how their servers are the fastest on the planet due to the usage of cloud hosting technologies. Those explanations have nothing in common with trading binary options and those technologies cannot be applied with this trading tool at this point. The regular user trades binary options true brokers not directly on the exchanges. Meaning that fractions of a seconds will never make a difference because they will be instantly eaten by the brokers lagy platforms!  In our opinion all these nonsenses, aims to confuse the future investors instead of giving them transparency on how The Navstar Trader Software actually works!

What is the success rate of The Navstar Trader System?

There are claims about 100% accuracy, due to their RTC technology or rapid counter trade. Basically, the above explanation about the nano-second bullshit technology should allow the sophisticated algorithm to recognize when a trade will go against the prediction. Eventually it will open a fence trade to safe the losing trade, that action will guarantee that this cash bot will remain on 100% success rate. The reality is that 100% accuracy cannot be maintained consistently! No human or algorithm can predict the online markets on 100%, there are simply too much fundamentals involved, which are moving the markets. Actually that’s the beauty of trading, the complete unpredictability!

Unfortunately, the whole storyline of Ethan Harrington and his imaginary friend Zach of how this system works is completely debunked. All the methods are completely nonrelated and not applicable into the today’s binary options trading!

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The red flags do not end here, we`ll continue with some time conflicting statements made by the presenter. Two months ago he took 10 everyday people from all different backgrounds and turned them into millionaires! Our question is how this is possible since a simple search proofs that the official domain is registered on 04.06.2016! Obviously you cannot use a software, which does not exist before that date? In addition, we can add that is consistently monitoring all binary options sources and we have never came across this service in the past! Clearly we are dealing with completely fresh binary options scam robot!


Why The Navstar Trader Software is free?

Here we get the IPO explanation of how they need to proof to their potential buyers that this software works properly beyond any doubts! Eventually when Ethan launch their initial public offering he aims to sell Navstar Trader APP for $350 million dollars.

Everything is one big cute story, but we made research onto the identity of Ethan Harrington and his Navstar Trader Ltd, Org, or whatever. Guess what? We couldn’t find any information about that person or for his company! All the post, which appear in google are associated with only. For us this organization do not exist and this man is nothing but a paid actor.

Are there any Endorsements, which eventually can bring authority to this binary options investment application?

No, all the reputed blogs and forums are black listing this application like they should be! Also, there are no found-able positive feedback from day trader on any social media. The lack of success stories is clear indicator of a fraud operation!

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Conclusion On The Navstar Trader Scam Review !

Don’t let the high amounts of complicated explanations and technical terminology to confuse you! Be sure that if something sounds too confusing to understand it’s probably not applicable with binary options. The trading method is famous of its simplicity, most legit trading solutions are relying onto simple technical and fundamental analysis. You know why? Just because they are proven to work for decades! Navstar Trader Software is nothing but a scam service full of false promises and misleading information! Do not put your money inside this system because you`ll be scammed! In general stay always from becoming millionaire overnight offers because they are all deceptive and manipulative. The software capable of delivering $22k per day starting from $250 does not EXIST!


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