Have you heard of Jeremy Mathews? He is the supposed founder of the My First Online Payday system. Actually, we came across this name because one of our loyal readers told us about it. She sent us an email, providing us with some information on this program, as she wanted us to review it. We are not going to disclose her name, as we did not contact her on time in order to receive her permission. Nonetheless, we did conduct a review on it. Just like she sent us an email, you are more than welcomed to send us an email when you come across a binary options robot that does not fail in garnering your attention.

My First Online Payday Review

Is My First Online Payday a scam? We should notify you that yes, it is a scam. The My First Online Payday software is bombarded with a lot of lies, from whichever angle you decide to look at it. The biggest issue with the website of the MyFirstOnlinePayday.co signals is that we found out that Jeremy Mathews is nothing but a scam artist. He is an actor. He can be found on the fiverr.com marketplace, selling testimonials for just $5.00 USD. It is definitely very shocking to hear this Jeremy Mathews stating that he has a show on ABC. It seems that the team behind the My First Online Payday software does not have any shame in their veins. They just keep lying. They are saying anything that they can come up with in order to persuade their visitors that their system is the best option that is available out there, which is very far from the truth.


Why My First Online Payday is a Scam?!

Testimonials Are Also Fake

Not only is he the fake one on the My First Online Payday scam’s page, but also the testimonials are. They come from “very talented actors” that you can find on the fiverr.com marketplace, too. The My First Online Payday scam is definitely one of the biggest fakes that is currently on the market. Some of the testimonials showcase people that we have seen before. We have seen them promoting other scam systems. They do not care about paying attention to the type of jobs that they undertake. These actors seem to not care about the reputation that they are building for themselves with their actions. The only thing that is on their minds is money, which is the same thing that is on the minds of the people who represent the My First Online Payday. Maybe that’s why they get along so well and conduct a lot of “projects” together.

My First Online Payday Doesn’t Deserve the Benefit of the Doubt

How can you give this program the benefit of the doubt when you just found out that the founder is fake and the testimonials are also fake? After finding out this information, we just stopped caring to see if there was anything that could back any of the claims that are present in the introductory video. It would be a waste of time. When things start wrong, they end wrong. This software is currently being the talk of the town. We are not talking about being the talk of the town in a positive light. Numerous of people who have tried it are talking about it in a negative light.

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$50.00 Free Dollars?

The fact that they are supposedly giving $50.00 USD can appear to be a great thing for a lot of you, but do not be fooled by this, as it is not true. After conducting a little bit of digging, we found out that if you opt to jump into trying this system, you will receive this money, but your account will soon be locked after you make an investment, so that you cannot take any money away. If you opt to conduct a search, you will find numerous of testimonials who reflect madness, as they went ahead and made an investment, noticed that they received $50.00 USD, but they soon were not able to get into their accounts. The team behind the My First Online Payday stayed with the money. How nice of them!

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There Might Be Occasions Where You Will Lose, No Matter What

Don’t forget that even if one dealing with the outmost legitimate robot in the industry, losses can definitely take place. A robot should be looked at as a companion that is going to go the extra mile in order to make your trading as profitable as possible, but this doesn’t guarantee that it will be able to do so every time, as there are a variety of different factors that determine the outcomes that will present themselves after each trade. There are some individuals who state that one of those factors is ‘luck,’ but that is just a rumor, as it makes people in the field feel a bit better when they have a loss.


Do Not Fall for the My First Online Payday

After coming across all of these details, it is safe to state that My First Online Payday is a deceitful program. The My First Online Payday has already deceived dozens of individuals around the globe. After reading this review, are you going to be their next victim? Of course not! Right? If you have tried other robots in the past that you have become a victim of, you might be hesitant into trying another program, which is quite a normal feeling. A lot of people go through this, but this does not mean that you should turn away from this field. There are definitely a lot of positive options out there; you just have to know where to look.

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In this scam review we have detailed why My First Online Payday does not live up to its initial aura. Never judge a book by its cover! The site may look good, but we know for a fact that it is knocked together like a good film prepping up for its next Oscar. As an innocent day-trader, it would be you to pay the expensive ticket for this particular movie!

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We hereby declare My First Online Payday System as Scam having established that there is only a cosmetic arrangement to it.This whole little scum site that claims that you can make thousands of dollars should be avoided at all cost! I’m not even going to waste my time any further with it.

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