These guys won’t give up! A new trading Scam known as Mirror Trader was brought to our attention and we’ll review and critically debunk this terrible software to the fullest extent! Any traders hoping they’d be able to achieve a residual $14,000 income as advertised within their website better think twice as the amount of scamming factors uncovered wihtin are astoundingly misleading. In short, John Harrison is presenting traders with exactly the type of dangerous autotrader we’re constantly battling against through warnings and factual evidence, as these crooks grant traders an imaginary opportunity of banking huge profits without risk or losing a single trade. For newcomers this may definitely sound appealing, which is why its imperative for anyone contemplating in joining first read our Mirror Trader software review, and learn the truth.

Warning: Apart from the fact this program is harmful to its users, we’ve concluded through our investigation the overall plot is very similar to Safeguard Trader (Review) and GPS Trader, two identical scams we previously exposed through our channels. Whether or not all three are linked together is unclear. Probably yes. But the messages embedded within them are equally corrupt and proven worthless with countless undesirable results.

Mirror Trader Review – Busting a Terrible Trading SCAM to its Core!


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Their most captivating aspect is surely the advertisement portions of five figure daily incomes, along with phony guarantees of not having to worry about losing any trades. As an online trader, I’m sure many would share the same sentiment how ideal a software with such capabilities would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately no such trading application has ever existed. Losing some trades is a normal aspect regarding binary options, anyone telling you differently is a cold-blooded liar! Our history in posting scam review articles has taught us many valuable lessons to learn from and what to look for when separating valuable softwares from shady apps. Any profit-making bot promising perfection or grand riches amounting to millions within short time periods have always failed in provided day-traders with successful ventures. Now lets review the incriminating facts.

Finding Mirror Trader Reviews are the best methods of approach because they speak volumes entailing the structure of any product, whether they be negative or positive. Viewers are told the Mirror Trading software has consistently been accepting beta testers over the past three months, which according to John Harrison they’ve all been successfully pleased with exponentially high returns. If that be the case, then plenty of happy member reviews would be accountable and easily verified, right? WRONG! Scrolling down their platform, traders will find a somewhat long list of current clientele profiles. However their legitimacy is far from authentic. Truth be told the profiling of Alice Smithers and Timeo Cote claiming of generating between $40,000 – $70,000 within five days are not only disgustingly fake, but also recognizable within other trading scams. These exact images were also utilized in other scams like Profit Maker, 98Success and Cloud Trader. There detrimental services never producing a single profitable outcome.


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Since their profile pictures are merely a concocted fabrication from scam-artists, rest assured the alleged creator of Mirror Trader Scam, Mr Harrison is unlikely a trustworthy character too. He wants us to believe his credentials and experience are vast and professional as he dictates his past employment as a Computer Networking Analyst for Wall Street and Washington DC. Per usual we took the liberty in researching his background to verify his involvement within the industry. Sadly no such information was verified through any social media portals, which is honestly suspicious nowadays. Nevertheless zero supporting profiles nor listing pertain to a John Harrison matching his description could be found. Without a doubt he’s merely a paid actor hired by the real scammers for promoting this awful trading system.

Its becoming clearer Mirror Trader software is quite possibly a combined conglomerate derived from multiple scammy programs, since the narratives are similar and plagiarized reviews were obviously recycled. I cannot stress how serious this situation this malicious Mirror software truly is underneath its hidden lies. So don’t be persuaded in registering quickly just because this ‘Johnny Harrison’ con-artist is saying only 21 spots from 50 are remaining for joining. Limiting availability is a cheap deceptive maneuver for persuading curious traders into depositing into lousy autotraders before knowing they’re being scammed in the first place. Hopefully today’s Mirror Trader Review has clarified some critical issues and deterred anyone from committing a regrettable financial mistake.

Conclusion On The Mirror Trader :

Finalized Review Verdict: Avoid the Mirror Trader Scam app. Too many fraud factors saturate this criminal software, revealing hidden agendas beneath this money-stealing scheme.

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