The Millionaires Maker App claims to be the fastest way to make a million, but we have strong evidence that the software is unreliable and the free offer is a scam. In this genuine review we tell you the truth about The Millionaires Maker scam. Our review proves to you that this software is not to be trusted and explains why there is a big risk of losing your money if you use it for automated binary options trading.

Untested Trading Software!

The Millionaires Maker is a new binary options trading tool. It is designed to works on autopilot, although it can also be set for manual trading. In automatic mode the software will place binary options trades for you, using The signals. There is no real information from the developer about the type of financial analysis or algorithm that is being used by the software for these signals.


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The developer of The Millionaires Maker system, Todd Salerno, claims that his software was more than 90% successful when it was first used for automatic trading by a small group of beta testers. There is obviously not enough evidence to support this win rate, because now he is asking for more beta testers to try the automatic system, to see how well it actually performs. This is supposed to be his reason for offering it for free to a limited number of people.

What Happens When You Sign Up?

When you enter your name and email address on up The Millionaires App website, you are also asked to supply a phone number. You will be sent a video link in an email and the phone number will be used to contact you so the support team can help you to get started.

If you express an interest in becoming a beta tester, you will be told about a cash bonus of up to $10,000, which will be paid into your broker account. Unfortunately you do have to risk a lot of your own money in order to qualify for this bonus, by depositing a large amount of funds into a specific broker account and then relying on the software to trade for you.

It only takes five minutes each day to set up the software. You only need to enter the amount of money you want to place on each binary options trade and set it to work autopilot. Then it will place trades for you when you are away from your computer.

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The Millionaires Maker Is A Scam!

Many people have asked the question: “Is The Millionaires Maker App a Scam?” Our review investigations have revealed the answer and we have found strong evidence to show that there is a very high risk of losing your money when trading with The Millionaires App scam.

A number of social media users have posted negative comments about The Millionaires Maker. Review sites are also calling it a scam. Several people have complained about the binary options broker that they were forced to use with this system. The broker affiliated with The Millionaires Maker is not licensed and has a bad reputation for making it difficult to withdraw money from a trading account!

“Verified” users appear on The Millionaires Maker website but these are not genuine people. Some of their photos have been stolen from social media profiles, where they appear under their real names. In the section headed “What do people say – find out why everyone is excited” there are only screenshots of review messages from fake Facebook and Twitter users. When we searched for those same messages on Twitter, we could only find tweets saying that it is a scam!

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Happy and excited traders also appear in the video, giving The Millionaires App a personal review, but these are just actors who regularly hire themselves out to appear in videos. They can also been seen in similar scam videos, where they are given different names.



The Millionaires Maker system has its own support team, but it is not possible to contact the founder or to find out anything about his background. Todd Salerno is just a voice on the video, reading out a lot of false facts and misleading statements.

The narrator of the video presentation says that the lottery does not make people millionaires as fast as The Millionaires App and tells you that you could never get a relative to hand over such a big amount of money. This is obviously not true because you could receive a large inheritance from dead relative or win more than a million on a lottery.

Even if The Millionaires Maker signals were reliable, which they are not, it would take a considerable amount of time to build up a million dollars in profits, unless you were willing to risk thousands on each trade!

Screenshots of newspaper and website articles are shown on the video, but these have no connection to The Millionaires Maker App. The articles simply refer to people who made a fortune by trading online, but those successful traders were not using this binary options system.

The website also makes it look as if The Millionaires Maker has been seen on Sky News, CBC, TNW and Bloomberg TV. These financial channels all feature market news and prices, but they have never shown a review of this binary options software. The official logos are being used without permission and have only been put on the website to make you believe that these channels have endorsed the product.  & Are trusted binary options reviewers agrees that the software is scam.

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The Millionaires Maker App scam uses fake credentials, false names and photos stolen from social media accounts. Additional proof that The Millionaires Maker is a scam is evident in the lack of genuine testimonials and the number of people who have posted negative comments about it online.



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