Midas Touch claims to generate $5000 per day! Does that sound credible? Probably not. Before you decide to subscribe to the Midas Touch App, we recommend that you read our impartial review to find out hard facts about the Midas Touch Scam system.

Midas Touch app is a new trading system created by Mark Williams. This trading app is not meant for serious traders because it is simply a scam. After watching the video narration and the Midas Touch App content, it is clear to us that some of these fake system creators take binary options traders as people who do not know anything. This is obvious from the philosophical foundation of the system that the app was bereft of any ideology and does not believe in any algorithm and known binary options theory.

Williams decided to name his trading app Midas after a famous ancient Greece king named king Midas. It claimed that the app trades commodity gold and it works on the assumption that anything traded with the app would yield gold. He claimed that the investment app would yield plenty of money because it would turn to gold immediately it touches your hand. The software represents the hand of the ancient Greek King Midas, which turn everything it touches into gold. It was based on the assumption that Williams believed that system would yield plenty of money because it was associated with the name of the old king.


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This actually sounds absurd. It is certain that it was not based on any algorithm. It is clear to us that the system is not meant for professional traders but for novices whom can be deceived you a lame theory like that of King Midas.

Apart from the funny storyline, every other thing about Midas-Touch.co is misleading and unbelievable. We have watched the video and found all the information fishy. The creator of the program Mark Williams claimed that he was a successful data analyst for a leading Wall Street company. He said that he decided to quit his job in the Wall Street to make way for the development of the software. Again, this is a lame story because it is certain to us that Mark Williams does not exist. He claimed many things that cannot even be verified anywhere. To find out if he was providing the correct information we decided to check out Mark Williams.

This site was registered a few weeks ago, precisely on the 22nd January 2016. A new site for an old name! The site is registered in Panama, which seems to be the hub for scam binary options software systems. Claims of successful trading by means of this Midas Touch App, are very likely to be fraudulent, because of the sheer novelty of this binary options auto trader system itself. Registration of sites such as the Midas-touch.co in Panama, mean that the developers are using an offshore tax-haven which will cover their identity. Sounds like scam? It is probably scam!Midas Touch App registration

Why Midas Touch is a Scam?

There is nothing in this scam system called Midas Touch that can be believed by anybody. Starting from the creator of the software, we have searched the internet to verify his identity. We cannot find any information connecting him to the Wall Street Company. He has only hidden his identity through a voice actor.

Secondly, we can confirm that he is a fake identity. It is certain that Mark Williams is a fake personality because he does not actually exist. There is no trace of any Mark Williams to any binary options trading software. We checked the internet especially the social media websites and we discovered that he does not have any presence in any of the social media websites. He simply does not have any profile in any of them. If he actually exists, we challenge him to bring evidence of his real existence so that it can be verified.

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Fake testimonials

We have analyzed all the testimonials and discovered that they are all lies. If you had watched the introduction video, you will be familiar with the voice Martin Morrison. He was the first person in the video that claimed that he has doubled his investment after the first four hours of using the app. We can confirm that Martin Morrison is not actually what he said he was. We are now sure that he a Fiverr.com actor and was paid for the adverts. We are able to confirm that his real identity in fiverr.com is Dezza123. If you check his fiverr.com profile, you would see the type of service he can do for just five dollars. If the app has been a real trading system, the creators would have provided evidence that can convince all that it is not a scam.

It is not risk free

To deceive prospective traders into using the app, it claimed that it is risk free. There is no way one can believe that the app is risk free since it is one hundred percent scam. If you invest your money on the app, be sure that you are going to lose that investment. It is risky to use the app. Since its inception, there is no concrete evidence that it has earned a dime for its users. Do not be deceived by its false claims because there is no believable evidence that you can earn anything by using the trading app.


Proof: Fiverr.com

False claims

Another thing that will make you to disbelief the app is its false claims. The app claimed to be earning money for traders for many months now, but we discovered that the app was only introduced to the market in January 2016, the question now becomes from where has it been earning the millions it claimed? The system did not provide an opportunity for people to test run it before investing on it. This would have helped douse the tension as to whether it is real or scam. Since it does not provide anybody the opportunity to test the system, it shows that it is a scam.

Is Midas Touch App free?

We do not agree with Williams when he said that he is making the app free. We know that Midas Touch is not free in the real sense of that word. You must make an investment of at least $250 before you have access to the trading app. They may claim that the money was to fund your live trading account. Research has shown that they will find a way of stealing that money from your account. In the actual sense, it is not free. It costs you at least 250 dollars.

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We understand that the Williams have been sending emails to traders to try the app. If you are one of those people who have received such an email invitation to use the app, you should stay away from it because you cannot gain anything out of it. Instead of earning you money, it is going to bring to you sorrow and disappointment.

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