Lie Detector Millionaire is a CRAZY binary options SCAM autotrader we have ever come across! The so-called Daniel Wilkins, CEO and Founder of Lie Detector Millionaire software undergoes a polygraph to prove how much money he earned the last couple of years. Additionally he revealed during the polygraph session that he had to lie in his internet marketing job and that he is NOT lying about his new auto trader Lie Detector Millionaire system. That is the opening scene of the sales pitch page. Very dramatic, to say the least! We are here to demystify these claims in this Lie Detector Millionaire scam review.

Audited website:

Lie Detector Millionaire Review Summary

Annoying Browser Pop-Ups: Yes
Fake Scarcity Counter: Yes
Paid Actor Testimonials: Yes
Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
Comes Across As Authentic: No
Convincing Proof of Profits: No
Possibility of Being a Rip-off: 99%
Price: Free. Have to sign up with one of their brokers.
Auto-trading: Yes, fully auto-trading app
Available In: Everywhere


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Scam #1: $498,561 Per Month

Let us look at this a little closer. With a $250 initial deposit, can you really make $498,561 a month? Really? We have been trading binary options and have NOT seen this kind of return. Daniel Wilkins in the middle of the presentation showed that he had left Lie Detector Millionaire scam software on auto-pilot for an hour during his lunch. And when he came back the system had generate around $12,000. This is an exaggerated lie! Unrealistic profits to get your hopes high only until the point that you bring yourself to deposit with them.

Scam #2: Polygraph Results

The polygraph examiner’s name is Jonas Kane, an alleged former military general. This fake personality does not exist. Our google search did not return any results for Jonas Kane. By the way, why does a former military general conduct a polygraph test is beyond us. This is not connected to national security or financial crime. Daniel Wilkins probably wanted to introduce some exaggerated drama by claiming a fake person to be a former military general. Makes us wonder if a high ranking military offer would ever take such a job? We are most certain he would not subject himself to that role. Wouldn’t be have better suiting roles to utilize his valuable skills? Such a hoax! Notice in the video presentation when the general asks Daniel the questions. A true polygraph officer would keep looking at the instrument to check the needle movements during the Subject’s responses. Yet this alleged former general is facing Daniel throughout the examination and not at the instrument. Only towards the end, they show us him looking at the polygraph paper. Body language do not lie!

Jonas Kane is a lie! Then comes our Trader X. He is the designer and developer behind this fake system. All Daniel revealed was that he works for a silicon valley company. With no other credentials, we do not believe that Trader X is real. Trader X must be a lie too!

LDM Software Review – Polygraph drama to mask the scam

Scam #3: Never lost a trade

Whaaaat?! Never a losing trade in binary options?! Impossible! Daniel Wilkins claims that this fake system has a Profit Protection feature which will place instant offsetting transaction when it predicts a loss. Wow, a software that can predict the future and react! We bet the whole farm that when you register and start trading, you will find loss after loss. Any software claiming 100% win rate, turn around and run! That has been our mantra and we are sticking to it!

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Scam #4: Fake Members

Fake members and fake payouts. When we did our Lie Detector Millionaire review, it was Sunday morning. All binary options traders know that markets are closed on Sunday morning. Yet we saw this running “real time results” of members payout. So untrue! Scam busted.

LDM Software Review – Fake Payouts

Not only that, the members are fake as well. We image searched these members and see what we found below. “Meiling” from China seems to have multiple personalities residing in multiple countries. As Seymur Hasan in Turkey, Op-Meni Can, Fermail Seyidov in Russia. LDM software members seem to have multiple personality disorders . We found other members too with similar “multiple personality disorder”, we will spare you the details. Just know that these are fake payouts, members and testimonials.


LDM Software Review – Fake Members

Conclusion On Lie Detector Millionaire Review

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Are these enough information to show you that LDM software is a big scam? We cannot go any further exploring more because this is getting ridiculous and we are already convinced these claims are preposterous. Stay away from this fake autotrader, save your $250 deposit.

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