Insured Outcome is one hundred percent scam. We understand that Oliver Breitner and his team are busy sending messages to prospective investors asking them to join the system. If you had received such a message, you should read this review and determine whether it is profitable to invest in the new trading system. This new review would highlight those red flags that made this trading app unprofitable.

Let us have a review of Insured Outcome. Oliver developed the software. He claimed that his app could make you money even when you are sleeping. It claimed that you can earn as much as $18000 everyday and that would make half a million dollars in one month. He said that he has invested more than fifty million dollars to develop this trading app. He said that the app was developed so that it does not lose any trade. The app according to the creator of the system guarantees profits every time the app is used.

He maintained that the opportunities are not available to everybody who wants to use it, as there are only 12 spots available across the globe. Because of the fantastic claims, we decided to do a review of the app. However, we are disappointed that there are many negative feedbacks about the product. Many people who have used the app have complained of losing plenty of money. This shows that the app is full of fake promises. By the time we are through with this review, you will see some of these red flags and you will be convinced that it is the worst app to use.

We discovered that this app is similar to those fraudulent software we have reviewed here in the past. This software is highly suspicious. It appears that those people who are behind the app are not traders. If they were, they should not be making those unrealistic promises. There is no way a binary options trader would promote the notion that software would never lose a trade. The major reason they believe that it will never lose the market is because of Insured Outcome Protocol (IOP).



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Why Insured Outcome Is A Scam?!

Oliver Breitner is fake

First, we tried to check the background information of the app creator Oliver Breitner; we discovered that the man does not exist. He was only paid by the developers of the app to sell falsehood to people. We tried all we can to verify his identity, but we cannot find any tangible feedback about him. We are certain that he does not have an account with any of the social media websites. If you were trying to contact him, it would be extremely difficult to do that, especially if you want to use any of the social media websites. Since it is extremely difficult to identify him, it would be hard to believe any of the information he provided to you about the binary options market.

Is the system free?

Oliver promised that he would hand over his trading app, which took him more than fifty million dollars to develop. Have you asked why should he hand over the app free, does it mean that he does not like money or what? The truth is that the app is never free. You must spend at least $250 before you can even think about making money with the app. This means that the app is not free actually.

Fake testimonials

We have checked the background information of this app and we discovered that all those who have testified about the app were not real traders. These people were hired from to give fraudulent evidences. We had expected that the creators of the system would have used tested and trusted traders who can give reliable evidences. It does not provide any opportunity for beta testers to try the app. It does provide such an opportunity and it is difficult for anybody to convince professional traders that the app is legit.

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The creator claimed that he was making money with the system for the past 2 years. Oliver claimed that he had created more than sixty millionaires. The millionaires he claimed do not have any previous knowledge about binary options market. We discovered that this piece of information is not true as the app was released to the market just few days ago. If the app was recently released to the market, from where were they making the money they claimed they made for the past few years.


Fake earnings claim

If you check the website you are going to observe earning screenshots. These screenshots were not real traders these were fake earnings generated through a Photoshop. Apart from that fake earnings screenshots, its bogus claims cannot be sustained. It is hard for any professional trader to believe that an app like Insured Outcome can guarantee you more than $18,000 every day you traded the market and you can become a millionaire just two months after using the app. This is ridiculous, this claim alone is sufficient to force people to blacklist the trading app.

Another false claim you are going to observe in the app is that Insured Outcome was featured in CNN Business Review. We investigated this and discovered that it is a lie. It was never in CNN or any other business websites for that matter. They purposely inserted this into the video to confer a fake endorsement and legitimacy to the app. Insured Outcome is not endorsed anywhere.

Limited Spots are available

It claimed that limited spots are available and that only 12 copies are available for its users. This is fake. They put it there to put pressure on traders to buy the scam system. Anytime you observe availability spot, you should not waste your time with such an app. You should know that it is a scam.

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We believe that you seen enough reasons from this review why you should never use this trading app. It is a complete waste of money to invest in it, as it is scandalous. It is one hundred percent scam; you should do away with it.



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