The IMA Signals system is about to spread like wild fire on the internet. But we want to warn you that falling for this scam will most likely turn into an expensive affair. It didn’t catch us by surprise when we discovered that this website was only a fraud meant to fleece traders of their hard-earned money on the promise that they would soon turn into millionaires. Nothing comes for free or cheap. IMA signals software is not an exception to those make-you-feel good trading apps that promise wealth in a fortnight.

IMA Signals Review

Is IMA Signals a scam?

You are asking quite an obvious question and answer. Today’s fraud on the internet doesn’t need to be very sophisticated, and one reason for this is that these criminals have run out of creative ideas — at least where binary options software is concerned.


Let’s dig deeper into this app and see why you will have a 99% chance of losing your money. Are you ready?


The live customer testimonials that you’re seeing at the end of that demo video is not real. They have been sourced from popular market place called These individuals were obviously provided with well-scripted texts beforehand to tell the world what needs to be told concerning IMA Signals system.

Let us also remind you that the two live customers pitching their testimonials in that video have appeared in other scam binary options apps, some of which we have reviewed in the past. This fact alone, makes us freeze when we see them presenting IMA signals app to the rest of the world, making it look genuine when it’s not.

Just for purposes of confirming what we are saying, we have decided to give a shortened version of a Fiverr profile link where one of the actors came from.

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The credentials of James Taylor

If you want to tickle your ribs a little bit, we invite you to learn about this man called James Taylor. He was allegedly the top student at Columbia Business School — which is not a fact. Secondly, he claims to have led a team of bright minds to come up with a binary options signal that would produce 95% win rate on all trades cumulatively.

To take this joke too far, James Taylor claims that he has been perfecting IMA Signals signals for the last 17 years, and now he is about to give his blood and sweat in the last 17 years for FREE!!

He made his first $1,000,000 using IMA signals system — obviously not a fact. Then he goes to boast that this software uses an advanced and cutting-edge technology to produce results.

James Taylor is a suspicious man because he is difficult to trace. So it should not surprise when we tell you that he is also a paid actor as well. He is not a millionaire and neither are the users of this software.

He also has two ”static” customers who claim to have made their first million dollar using IMA signals system. They claim to have made this amount of money in just 3 months and that if it were not for this software, it would have been impossible for them to achieve this dream.

But now we are asking; where are these millionaires? We haven’t seen them hitting the headlines anywhere. You know money is equal to fame, and as long as you will have it, fame will come to you even when you hide under a rock.

Busted!!! IMA Signals and The Wall Street LifeStyle features the same Fiverr Actors!! 

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How IMA Signals Scam Work to Rip You Off

He claims his software can only be engaged 5 time a day and the trader in question will have made more than he needs — that is, if you are a disciplined and goal-oriented trader, you will make $1,000 on a typical day. You are supposed to place trades within 5 minutes of receiving an alert signal and money will begin rolling into your wallet. That’s the story behind IMA Signals software, and it’s the reason why some naive traders are falling for this trap.

The story behind the working of IMA signals app is lame, plus we have no technical basis on how this software really works. If we could ask, what is the criteria for which these signals are generated? So many unanswered questions with no one bothering to address them.

Okay, let us concentrate on something that’s not clear with IMA signals system. James Taylor says he was the top student at Columbia Business School. But now he is saying that this binary options program was developed by Harvard Business school.

There is no relationship between Columbia Business School and Harvard Business school. It shows that these fraudsters couldn’t make up their mind on what school to include in their pitch video. They probably got confused in their own trap to reveal that this is the worst of the 2016 binary options scams on the web.

This thing he calls ”reliable certification”

He has mentioned that IMA signals is a software covered by a reliable certification, although there are no more details provided concerning that certification or what it is for that matter.

Is he claiming domain security certification, SSL certification or what? We’re not quite sure, and he doesn’t bother to explain it.

He mentioned these things in the passing, and for this reason, we are saying that mentioning things this way does not offer any validity or credibility of something.

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We did not write this review to mislead anyone. We just did it for the sake of our readers to help them avoid getting into silly scams like IMA signals scam. We cannot locate the owner of this software. Secondly, he has paid actors to fool people into believing this is genuine. Third, the mention of Columbia business school vs. Harvard Business school isn’t so convincing. Fourth, this seem to have a relationship with another system called Wall Street LifeStyle allegedly owned by James Taylor. That website is, and they are out to trick traders into losing their money. Do not trust anyone here.

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