iFollow Club Review – the good, bad and the ugly! There is no denying in the benefits of iFollow functionality in binary options trading. It is not a new concept! There are number of companies, signal groups that offer this service today. New, inexperienced traders can hugely benefit by taking advantage of this. However the concept presented in iFollow Club is a little different than what is out there in the binary options trading world. Let us break down step by step the differences, warning signs in this iFollow Club review.

Website inquired: iFollow.club

Scam #1: David Reed of iFollow Club investor Not Found

The theoretical concept is that iFollow Club system will allow the club members to follow other experienced investors, like David Reed. When David Reed makes an investment with a particular asset/ stock and club member can copy his trades with their own portfolio. As David Reed’s trades profit so will the followers. That is the overall concept. But who is David Reed? According to the voice over, David Reed has been investing in stock market since 2001 and now worth $8.3M after investing in companies like Amazon, Apple. He is considered to be one of the big investors in the stock market. But when we did a google research we could not locate the investor David Reed. Is this a fictitious character then?


Scam #2: Trades revealed publicly?

Let us stop to think about this logically. Do you think big investors will reveal their trades to general public? Does Warren Buffett and his management team share their trades with public? No. No. No. However they will openly talk about their long and short term trading strategies.

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Scam #3: Fake Customer Testimonials

There were two customer in the video testimonial section we were able to readily identify as fake. How can we tell? Because we have busted their acts in number of our previous binary options scam reviews. Watch our video review below for the brief summary of our findings on these actors.

We do not even want to review this service any further knowing the testimonials are skewed and their main investor is not found. We see no point in debunking this any further. We are already convinced the legitimacy of this software thus far.

iFollow Club Review: Conclusion

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We believe beyond the shadow of doubt that iFollow Club is a scam!

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