Hour Deposit Scam Investigation!

Read this before you decide to invest with this HYIP!


Hour Deposit is fairly new high-yield investment program. We made in-depth research regarding this service, forced by subscriber of us who claimed to be losing money with this program. Our investigation found some very dubious facts surrounding the hour deposit program. Currently we believe that this service is extremely dangerous. Spare few mins and read our article, we might save you from taking any stupid decision!

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Why The Hour Deposit Should not be trusted!

Those types of investment programs are typical scams. In most of the cases the companies and the creators are always hidden. There are no real addresses exposed and usually the front page is covered with lucrative return percentages. The fraud is simple, like a pyramid scheme. The old investors are paid with the money of the new coming investors. The operation runs smooth till the website gain enough money worth stealing or till its forced by the financial incapability to bankrupt. Second case is going to happen when the old investors need to be paid and there are not enough new investors to cover the sum. Simply because the fund usually is not operated by traders as claimed who use the money to trade and eventually bring fresh money to the fund. Obviously if there are no fresh money and everything replays only on the investors it will blow in certain point in time. Probably 99% of the HYIP systems out there are scams like The Hour Deposit.

How we know that this is a scam?

Well we already explained that the tempting return percentages are just trick to get you involved and deposit money. There are few other interesting things we managed to find inside hourdeposit.com.

Usually the credibility of every online service, no matter of the niche is measured on the feedback of its members. It’s probably one of the first things we check when we investigate an online opportunity.  We seek for easy to access and honest opinions from people using the particular system. In this case we couldn’t find any real testimonials anywhere into the social media networks, which is extremely suspicious. The questions immediately emerge, if the Hour Deposit is real, then why there are no success stories?

Besides the lack of good reviews, we saw that there are two available testimonials onto hourdeposit.com. Rosamund Pike and Colin Firth are two people who claim to be making huge amounts of money with this investment program. Thing is that their picture looks too professional, we go suspicious and researched the photos. It turned out that those identities do not exist, they are just stock models attached to names. Their stories are fabricated aiming to bring authority to the hour deposit, regrettably they are failing!

Proof links: one / two !

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Moving forward with our scam review, we took a look at the life of the official domain. The website hourdeposit.com is registered on 01.04.2016. Already said that, we are really curious about their announced payments history. It’s looking strange, since the payout start from 05.02.2016, before the site ever exist. A sloppy mistake or just they don’t care about the details?

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Conclusion On The Hour Deposit !!

We have tried many High-yield investment programs, so far we have never came across a properly working one. When we find one we`ll announce it, but so far everything we land on is filthy scam! At this point we`ll just recommend the regular trading methods as far more profitable then HYIP methods. Binary Options or Forex does not matter, they are proven and there are many legit helping tools that can allow you invest even without trading experience. As conclusion we advise you to stay away from this The Hour Deposit program, it look questionable and in our opinion it involves high risk!

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