Hoffman Stein’s Nexus App is the new scam in town. It is software that was created by Hoffman Stein Capital and is a treacherous binary option trading software. It will certainly not bring you returns but aims to swindle you off what you have.

Hoffman Stein software is an automated trading software that will only make a few individuals rich from the pockets of others. Furthermore, if you expect to make profit by signing up to this platform, you will be very surprised. It only gives nice promises of making you thousands of dollars but does not deliver on this.

About Hoffman Stein’s Nexus App Software

The Hoffman Stein system sells itself as free and with no expiry once you download, but that is not true. This trading platform is not transparent and does not use regulated brokers. It claims to allow traders to trade with range options.

It further promises a high return on investment but does little to honor its promise. It is a highly risk trading platform, and it does not use the required analysis to interpret the market. All the traders who invest in Hoffman Stein Capital scam have lost all their money.

The software does not use strategies that are different from other scams as you will realize in this review. All the time that you spend in this trading platform examining how to make a return will go to waste.

There are only risks to this system but no rewards. You cannot even expect positive returns because of your experience in binary options trading. Hoffman Stein’s Nexus App is not legitimate, and you are wrong if you think that it will benefit you.

The promises to always win with Hoffman Stein Nexus App signals are unfounded since the signals are not even authentic. It does not give you any edge, and it is like throwing money away.

You will only find negative review about Hoffman Stein software. There is no actual trader who has made returns or even withdrawn money from this trading app. You will majorly find complaints of it being a scam. In addition, you will find it easy to sign up for this system but that does not mean that it is authentic.

Website: www.hoffmanstein.com


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Hoffman Stein Review

There is a lot of promotion for the Hoffman Stein system which was created by Dr. Antony Henderson. It is an automated trading software that is being promoted by media and email marketers as authentic. Nonetheless, it is a lazy swindle that copies the features and strategies of other deceitful software.

It is gives distorted information right from the presentation video. The owner of this software is paying heavily for fake positive reviews about Hoffman Stein software online. This is a complete swindle, and you will see all the lies when you review it keenly.

Most of the positive information about this software is narrated by Dr. Antony Henderson who is the creator. He claims that Hoffman Stein system is a legit and is powerful trading platform with a guarantee to win. He further claims that only the first 15 people get to enjoy a free download of this software every day.

Moreover, the creator claims that the software is able to bring returns of about $125,000 in a week. These returns do not make sense especially looking at the way binary options market works, and the kind of profit that traders make.

You would expect that this will be one working software since the owner claims to have made it in a span of eight years. However, it is a mere duplication of other scams that is full of fabrications. What’s more, you will not find the Hoffman Stein Capital company when you search it online. There are no records on the existence of this company, and it seems to exist only in the words of the creator. This is another indication that the information is made-up.

The guarantee of success is also a lie and is exactly what a conman would tell you. Some of the top authentic binary options trading software normally generate wins at 86 percent. They further do not give the alleged $125,000 profit per week as Hoffman Stein system promises. This simply means that you have to earn $25,000 each day, which is outrageous.

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The presentation video uses a fake example to explain how traders make profit. The video claims that you can make returns even with zero investment in this software. This is clearly a lie since you have to make an investment in order to start trading.


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Is Hoffman Stein a Scam?

The creator of Hoffman Stein system, Antony Henderson, cannot be traced. He is a paid actor who is marketing this software and does not have the best interest of the traders at heart. In addition, the testimonials and reviews about this software are a sham. The owner further claims to have reviews from credible media such as the LA Times and The Wall Street Journal, but you will not find these reviews anywhere apart from the software’s website.

You will also realize that the testimonials are from paid actors who have featured in other swindles before. The Hoffman Stein software has all the indications of a rip-off, and it operates in a similar manner to other previous scams.

You cannot trade before you deposit money in this trading platform. The money then goes into the pockets of a few individuals. You lose money just like that and remain regretting the decision to invest with this software. Moreover, you will not find contact details for the developer and financial planner who helped to create the software.

The real time illustration of how the software works also does not add up. The trading starts with zero investment and gets to $1,398 in just five minutes, and then $6,383 in ten. In binary options trading, you need to invest some money with a broker before you can trade. You simply cannot make money from nothing.

The false statements are similar to what you hear in other scams. Even the countdown for the number of slots is just a tactic to get you to sign-up quickly with the software. It does not really get to zero.

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Hoffman Stein software is definitely a scam which claims that you can make money without making any investment. It then turns out that this software does not benefit actual traders but only the owners of the trading platform. You also have to make an initial investment which you are persuaded to invest more in order to get more.

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You will not make the huge returns that this software promises. In addition, it aims to take advantage of unsuspecting traders in order to steal from them. Consequently, if you want to stay safe, you will avoid the Hoffman Stein’s Nexus App which is evidently a rip-off.


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