This new review is about the latest scam app to hit the investment world that is Hedge Formula. We do not need to waste your time in telling you that the system is a complete fake. Before we drew our conclusion we have conducted our investigation and research, we are sure that the major purpose of George Dalio the creator of the app is to empty your live trading account. If you want to be convinced of the reasons why you should not use this fraudulent app, read this review to the end.

We have taken our time to study this new trading robot and discovered lots of falsehoods and red flags. There is no serious minded investor that will pay attention to this app, because what it promises was not realizable. It seems that they are targeting new traders, and those greedy traders who often look for ways of making money without investing their efforts.

We do not see any attribute that sets it apart from other scam systems we have reviewed here. They are the same thing and they adopt the same strategy to woe unsuspecting investors to waste their money in their useless apps.

We are already receiving reports that many traders who had not waited for our review before they invested with the app are already losing their deposits. We studied the system and do not make any meaning out of it. It claimed to be autopilot trading platform, yet it believes in trading just simple increments. They claimed that they have discovered the loophole in the investment market and that is why their system will never lose any trade.

It is certain that George believes that everybody who comes across his software is a dummy who does not know his left from his right in the binary options market; or he thinks that you are his bank who will be depositing smaller amount to his back account until it becomes very fat.

He claimed that his trading app is going to guarantee you at least 98 percent winning rates. This type of claim is ridiculous. We waited for him to show us how he can make that type of money in the highly volatile financial asset market and we cannot see any of his methods. You just have to believe him by faith and not by the performance of the trading system.



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Why Hedge Formula is a Scam?

We have enough reasons to convince anybody that this is a scam trading app. Here are the evidences we have against this trading app:

False and unrealistic claims

Dalio behaved in a way that portrayed him as if he is not a professional trader. It is certain that he is not one judging from the claim that the Hedge Formula can generate well over $10,748 for every day that you use the trading system. It was because of this that he claimed that the system has earned him more than $30 million just for the past one year.

However, we caught him in the act. We checked for the day the software was developed and we discovered that the trading system was released to market just a few days ago. This makes nonsense whatever he has claimed about his app. This is because it must explain how an app that was released a few days ago was able to make thirty million dollars for the past one year. This is clear evidence that can show you that it is a complete scam. Never waste your money with the trading system.

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Few spots are available

Another clear evidence that the system is a scam is its signs that only few spots are available. It will tell that fewer copies are available and yet it keeps sending invitational emails for traders to join. If only limited spots are available why should popup be preventing you from the leaving the webpage when you want, especially if you do not make a purchase from them. This is a contradicting itself.

Dalio is a fictitious character

We are convinced that the creator of the app is a fictitious character. He does not exist and there is no way to contact him. We have searched different internet sources to know if we can get any useful information about him, and we cannot get any. His name is not in any of the social media. His name is also not even in the search engines and not in any of the investment forums. Since it is not possible to contact him, he does not exist.


It appears that the same person who was behind the Click Cash Formula produced Hedge Formula system. When you click on the two apps, you will discover that it will lead you to the same person. This is why it is important to read reviews before using an app. Since you have seen that the same person is behind the two failed apps, why should go ahead and waste your time and money with what is already known to be a scam. The most interesting thing is that the same person answered two different names. While he called himself George Dalio in Hedge Formula, he answered James Edwards in the other software. This is enough to convince you that the app is fake. If you like, you can check the two pictures to see they are the same person.

Fake testimonials

If you watch the video, you observe some testimonials as evidence of possible earnings you can make with the signal service provider. We have checked all these testimonials and we are certain that they are all fake testimonials. They were prepared by people who do not have anything to do with the binary options market. These images are copied from the internet. You should not believe any of them. If you check the images on the search engines, you will see the identities. There is this person in the testimonial who has endorsed several apps in the past. Click on the images and compare them with what you get from the search engines. This can help you to form your own opinion. You would discover that it is a complete waste of money to invest on the app.

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Conclusion On Hedge Formula

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Hedge Formula is one hundred percent scam. You have seen enough evidence from the information provided above. You are going to lose your investment if you invest on the app.


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