This new review is about a new trading system called the GPS Trader. We want to warn our numerous readers to avoid the software because it is one hundred percent scam. The system promotes a trading system and ideology that are incomprehensible. The app was presented by Richard Heffner. He claimed that we were the creator of the trading system that is aggressively marketed on the internet. We have reviewed this trading system, and we have spotted several red flags, which we think that we should make our valuable traders know.

The app started on an unrealistic claims that it can earn you at least $850 for every hour, and this can translate to more than $20,000 every single day you use the trading robot. He claimed that his robot is one hundred percent risks free. This promotes the view that Heffner was interested in deceiving people than helping them to earn money through the new signal service. It is apparent that the trading tool was targeting at new and inexperienced traders who were looking for the most effective ways of making money online. If you were looking for safe ways of earning money online, do not rush to use this system. We encourage you to read this review to the end to see several reasons you should not use GPS Trader. The trader claimed many strange things, which make many people to doubt whether Heffner was a financial assets trader or whether he was something else.

He claimed that his trading app relies on GPS satellite to generate its trading signals. There is no doubt that this would be strange to lots of binary options traders. This scam app is no different from several others that we have reviewed here. The only thing different is the way it claims it generates its trading signals. Heffner claimed that the system relies on a very powerful tracking system, and that is why they are able to intercept the signals before it reaches to the supercomputers across the globe. Its users are able to exploit the signals before other traders and those in the Wall Street were able to get at it. He knows that this theory would not fly among professional traders.



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Why GPS Trader is a Scam?

You can see from the introduction above that this trading app is inconsistent with what the binary options market stands for. It is clear from the way the app was promoted by aggressive marketers that the aim was to deceive traders to use the app so that its promoters can make plenty of money out of the system.

Fake counter

The first thing that you are going to observe about the system is fake counter. Heffner claimed that the app would be available free for the next 48 hours, and after that it may no longer be available or that you have to pay heavily before you lay your hands again on the signal service. This may not be the situation. What the creator did is to put pressure on its users so that they can do anything possible to use the trading system. Even if it means to borrow money to fund their live trading account. Its creators do not care about traders; they are only interested in the money they can make from you. It claimed that it would be available for 48 hours. We bet you that if you come again after 48 hours, you would still get the message that 48 hours windows are available for you to use the trading app free. This is a red flag and this is enough to warn you there is danger in using the fake trading robot.

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False claims

GPS Trader claimed many things and the most worrisome is that claim that this system can earn you $850 for every hour you used it and $20,000 dollars for one day. Again, this is bogus and it failed to show how that would come about. Does it mean that if you invest $250 in the app that you are going to make the same amount of money? It further implies that even if you invest $20,000 that you will make the same amount of money. This does not make any meaning and it shows that it does not have a trading pattern. Of course, this dummy can only sale among people that do not have any knowledge about the financial assets market and how it works. You should know that the market does not work this way.

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Lack of trading algorithm

Heffner claimed that his app can trade on autopilot and that it can generate that huge profit. He failed to show us how the app would generate that amount of money or how it would trade for you. This simply means that it is bereft of any trading algorithm, which is the most important factor traders consider when they assess any trading app. It simply shows that it does not rely on any trading analysis to generate its signals. How can you believe in a system that does not have any trading system? You are going to lose your deposit if you go ahead and use the trading system.

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There is no Richard Heffner

To confirm our fear about the background knowledge of the app promoters, we decided to reach out to Richard Heffner and find more about him. It appears that this creator is a fake one. This has always being the problem with many trading systems that we have reviewed in this platform. People can just claim fictitious names just to steal money from unsuspecting traders.

Heffner does not exist. We search various search engines about him. The only information we have about him was this fake trading system. There is no information about him in any of the social media networking websites. It is impossible to reach out to him. It baffles one how a creator of an app, which can make such fantastic amount of money does not provide any means of reaching out to him. The truth is that the does not exist.


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You are now convinced that GPS Trader is a fraudulent trading system. If you are looking for an app that can make you money, you have to look elsewhere.

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