Gold Trade Microsystem is a sophisticated scam that will not give you a chance of ever thinking it’s a scam in disguise, why? Because of all the scams we’ve come across in our years of experience reviewing different binary options trading software, we’ve never seen a well-designed, hard-to-detect fraud like Gold Trade Microsystem. In fact, as soon as you finish reading this review, you will not want anything to do with this fake Cambridge Professor — the man behind this major binary options trading scam on the internet now.

Gold Trade Microsystem Review

The creator of the Gold Trade Microsystem App claims to be an old Cambridge Professor with decades of experience in the gold and other assets traded on the internet. He claims his name is Justin Hudson, something that we’ve not been able to prove up to date.

Cambridge doesn’t have a professor by that name anyway. So at this point, it makes sense to move with haste laying the facts in black and white before many of you can fall victim of this clever fraud on the internet.So, if you arrived here by chance because you wanted to find out, by curiosity, whether Gold Trade Microsystem was a scam or not, you should be able to get all answers concerning this scam software once you finish going through this review.

The Gold Trade Microsystem GTM system or GTM system will make your financial situation far much worse than it currently is. The simple fact that the domain was registered two years ago is enough to raise eyebrows. You don’t need any further details to ascertain the fact that this is indeed a clever scam.If you don’t believe this, just do yourself a favor by looking up the details of that domain at Whois. You will be surprised when you come across the real details behind that domain.

Again, you may be wondering how on earth they managed to accumulate so many user reviews and testimonials. But we can confidently give you an answer to this question. These people claim to be ”Beta testers” or initial day traders using Gold Trade Microsystem App when they are not. The truth is that all the reviews and testimonials you’ve come across on the official site are from hired Actors. This is a trick that most binary options fraudsters are using to fool unsuspecting traders into believing their software work. Don’t fall for any testimonial or user review you come across on the internet or main website of Gold Trade Microsystem.

Is Gold Trade Microsystem a scam : More evidence unleashed

Gold-Trade-Micro-System-scam actors are good at what they do best — getting paid to write fake user reviews and testimonials for purposes of tricking unsuspecting users.

Sarah Jackson who claims to come from Philadelphia is a popular actress who has perfected the art of deception, hence she is popular with online scams. Unfortunately, we can see her face on the Gold Trade Microsystem too, claiming she’s among the many ”happy” worldwide users of GTM system.

If you doubt this, use this link to go to her professional presentation video gig page where you can hire her for only $5 to lie to the world about how good your product or service is. With this fact, you shouldn’t struggle to see why Gold Trade Microsystem is a fraud.

Other strong points to note

Justin Hudson’s credibility

Even though the person behind this app sounds very convincing when you come across the official website of the GTM system, he only allowed one loophole which is now selling his tricks to the world.

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The mistake is that he associated himself with Cambridge, and by doing so, we were able to easily verify with Cambridge whether or not he is a professor there. So the truth remains that Justin Hudson is not a real person with real identity.

Deceitful members

This person named Sarah Jackson is a big liar. It is very obvious that she was paid to help with this campaign of convincing the world into buying the Gold Trade Microsystem. In other words, this is a make-money overnight scheme that will waste away your hard-earned cash while you watch it with your eyes. It is something you cannot trust no matter how aggressive the owner would want to convince you with words such as ”auto-pilot”, powerful binary options software, ”no-hidden fees”, ”few slots still remaining” etc.

The countdown widget

We have always warned newbie binary traders about fraudsters who use countdown widgets on their websites to pressure you into signing up.Before we wrote this reviews, we did a thorough background check on this Gold Trade Microsystem software. The first thing we noticed on the official website was the countdown widget which started counting at 32. The idea was that we had 32 slots remaining and that after the slots were all taken, we would never have a chance to sign up for the opportunity.

To confirm that this was fake, we didn’t close the website until 1 hour had elapsed. During this time, the countdown timer was ticking really fast. It went from 32 to 10 slots in record 10 minutes. Then it went from 10 to 1 in 5 minutes. Ever since, the single slot has remained unoccupied until now. Could it be that people have suddenly stopped signing up for the Gold Trade Microsystem software? Of course not. The cold truth is that this is just a fake countdown timer meant to pressure you into signing up and making your first deposit with the fake binary brokers who will end up ”eating” every single penny you funded your account with.

More clever tactics

Unfortunately, many users have fallen victim of this fraud on the internet. Some of them are even cursing the world of binary options trading after losing thousands of dollars because they made a bad decision signing up for a particular software. They had obviously fallen prey of fake user reviews.

Also, we have received email messages from a dozen of users out there complaining that they recently came across a similar version of the software but with a German voice-over. This indicates that this scam is going worldwide — another reason why you should exercise more caution.

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We have laid facts in broad daylight. Don’t fall for any review on the internet about this fake software. The bottom line is that Gold Trade Microsystem signals will make you lose than gain. Period!

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