The Global Millionaires Club is offering software that they say will make you millions if you apply for free membership before the door closes on this opportunity. What you need to know before signing up is whether this binary options offer is just another scam or if it can be trusted. We have been looking into the Global Millionaires Club for this review and must issue a strong warning against joining a very risky trading system. It is obviously a scam that is not to be trusted.

Our Global Millionaires Club review reveals why we know this to be a scam and we present plenty of evidence to expose it as a scam. We do not want anyone to risk funding a trading account and see them losing money by trading with the software.

What is the Global Millionaires Club?

The offer to join this private members club comes from Alexander Wilson, who has previously worked for a global tech company, and his business partner who is a freelance trader named James. Together they designed binary options software that members get to use for free. It is meant to guarantee that you will make money.


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The free software offer is being promoted as a business partnership opportunity, where you keep 95% of your profits and the Global Millionaires Club gets to keep 5% of everything you earn. They can only take a percentage of your profits if you actually make a profit from using the free Global Millionaires Club software.

How Does the Global Millionaires Club Work?

You don’t need to have any trading experience to join this exclusive club. You just enter your name and email address to access the private members page and get started. You will have to choose a broker from the Global Millionaire Club website and fund an account that is linked to the trading software.

The Global Millionaires Club system relies entirely on the binary options software, which is claimed to be 92.8% accurate in its predictions.

Why Is the Global Millionaires Club a Scam?

In this section of our Global Millionaires Club review we set out all the evidence we have to show that a scam has been set up to encourage people to fund a trading account through the website.

In our research for this review we were unable to find out anything about Alexander Wilson, who is supposed to have created this program. We did find someone of that name who is a professor of statistics and mathematics, with a specialty in algorithms and trading patterns, but he is not the person behind this program, because in the video he refers to himself as being a former senior programmer who previously worked for a global tech company.

The website reveals nothing about the other trading partner, only that his name is James. The narrator of the video says that together they set up the software and continue to monitor the results. There is no explanation given about the algorithm behind the Global Millionaires Club signals or anything about the financial markets that are used for their binary options trades.


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In the video the narrator gives two conflicting stories about how the system works. First he says that his previous work involved data packages that he discovered could reveal results microseconds ahead of them being released. Then, when he explains how his binary options systems works, there is nothing said about any data packages being involved, just a secret algorithm that has been created with the help of his trader friend James.

The Global Millionaires Club scam has clearly been set up to promote the idea of a millionaire lifestyle, so that people will sign up and quickly fund an account. The website shows a stock image of luxury cars parked outside a big house and the focus of the video is mostly about having enough money to choose how and where you want to live.

The exclusive business offer of 95% partnership is clearly just a tactic to get people interested, with an empty promise being made about five figure paydays.

The Global Millionaires Club System is described in the video as being guaranteed to make you money, but we can reveal in this review that there is no guarantee behind this scam. When money is lost on trading, you would never find a way to claim it back from someone named as Alexander Wilson, without knowing anything about who he is or how this offer works.

The scam offer is made to look as if it is limited to twenty people. In the video it is explained that Alexander Wilson wants to keep the number low so he can give members his individual attention. It is far more likely just to be a tactic to get people to rush into joining and deposit some funds.

There is also an offer for the first twenty people who join today to get a matched bonus that is going to double their deposit. This is obviously to encourage people to make a bigger deposit. There is also no way to know how many people have signed up “today”!

Faked testimonials appear in the video, showing made up names for traders who are supposed to have more than half a million sitting in their accounts. There is also mock up of a trading account that is used to illustrate the system. We could find no real evidence for this review of anyone ever having made a profit when trading with this software.

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Conclusion – Global Millionaires Club is a SCAM.

It should be obvious from the evidence set out in this review that there is nothing to back up any of the claims made by or about the people behind the Global Millionaires Club scam, and no sign of any real success with their trading software.

Our conclusion about the Global Millionaires Club App is that it is a scam. Our review proves it is not trustworthy. It would be far too risky to take a chance on funding an account for trading with this software.


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