Free Money Guaranteed System is another scam system we are going to warn you about. We have reviewed this app and discovered that it is one hundred percent scam. Do you actually believe that with an investment of just $250 in the binary options market that you can actually earn half a million naira and more with a trading robot? This is one of the things you would be confronted with when you use this system.

We always feel very uncomfortable when we are faced with bogus claims like this one from Free Money Guaranteed system. We are certain that this trading app created by a man called Bobby Anderson is a full scam. This is a junk trading app and be sure that it would be detrimental to your trading account should you go ahead and use it. If you were planning to use this trading tool we encourage you to read our reviews first and discover those things that would make you to stay away from the app, and its trouble and use your money for more profitable ventures.

We are certain that this new trading system was actually targeting new traders because most of them do not have the experience to detect fake trading systems when they see it. No professionals would believe the fake information provided at the website.

If you are a new trader, you should not allow yourself to be deceived by the sweet words from Anderson and his so called wife who promised you heaven on earth once you use the trading system. At this stage, what we can say about Anderson and his wife is that they were paid actors.

If you watch the video presentation, you would observe where Anderson promised that he is giving you his tool that makes him millions of dollars within a few months free. Why on earth do you think that he should give you such a wonder worker free. The truth is that the sweet words are meant to convince you to path with your money. We all know that Free Money Guaranteed system is not free in the actual sense of that word. You must give them money to fund your account. You may be surprised that the money may not hit your account afterwards.



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Why Free Money Guaranteed System is a Scam?

We have reviewed the app and concluded that it is one hundred percent scam. Starting from the creators of the system, we have investigated and discovered that the so called Bobby Anderson the creator of the trading app does not exist and that his wife is a fake actress. The two were hired by the system owners to do that dirty job. We have checked the internet for the real identity. The photo on the video and website does not correspond to the names of the people. We are sure that the photos were copied from other internet sources. Apart from that, we have checked the internet for the name Bobby Anderson and there is no such a name that has anything to do with the binary options market. We also checked popular financial assets forums and discussion groups and there is nothing like them.

The software is not trending

If the trading robot were actually generating half a million dollars or more for the first one month, it should trend very high on the internet. It does not trend in Google and other search engines. This means that the system is not known. It is expected that such a successful system generating that type of money should have been recognized across the web. At least testimonials from reliable sources could have convinced others that the system is legit. There is none of this. It was not endorsed by any notable investment website and that shows you that the claims are false.

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False bogus claims

Another thing that would signal to you that Free Money Guaranteed system is a scam is its bogus claims. It claimed that you can become a millionaire just a few months of using this trading app. This is trying to suggest that the market has turned to fast money yielding venture. As far as we are concerned it is a wrong misrepresentation of the binary options market. This is an indication that the app creators do not know much about the financial assets market and this is enough to warn you to stay away.

Fake brokers

Another thing that confirmed our fear about this app is that they use fake and unregulated brokers. This means that before you use the app, you must fund your account through an unregulated broker they will select for you. You do not have the chance to choose a broker of your choice, rather, they will select a broker for you. In choosing the broker, they ensure that they select a broker who will make things impossible for you to recover your money. When you invest with such brokers, your money will go forever and this is in addition to the huge charges they will make in your account.


Fake actors

The worst thing about this app is that they still rely on fake actors to convince people to use the app. We have already mentioned the case of the founder of the system. The worst is that every other person they used in that video is fake. They hired people from to own to fake information for just $5.

Are you going to earn money?

You are not going to earn money when you use the system because it is one hundred percent scam. Since the system was created nobody has earned any verifiable income and nobody is going to earn in the future because the aim was not to earn money for you, but to explore ways of exploiting what you already have. It is a scam and you have to stay away to avoid being scammed of your money.

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You have enough reasons you should never spend your money on this scam in this review. We do not see anything good in this app. It is a waste. Look for profitable trading system that can earn you money and not this scam.


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