Forex King Scam or Legit Investment Program?

This review will expose some suspicious facts related to this HYIP!

Forex King is high-yield investment program with very lucrative proposals! The potential profits percentages start from 2.1% and are going as high as 25% return rates. The HYIP in general look really attractive and they involve only 1 action. You need to deposit the desired money into their company. Your investment should be calculated and paid at any time you want, but obviously for the potential good profit you`ll need to wait for your contract length to end. We made an investigation and we found three key scam elements inside, which we would like to discuss with you today. Read this review it will provide overview on the HYIP industry, plus some guidance regarding those type of investment instruments.


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Forex King Scam Review. Why this offer should be avoided?

First suspicious component in this scam operation is the actual return percentage. Some of the offers are like “invest $4000 after 17 days you`ll get $14000” or “Invest $2500 for 33 days you`ll return $22,500”. The promised profits are extremely unrealistic, keep in mind that average interest rate for European banks are like 1% to 3% per year. Well, obviously putting your money in a bank is way more secured that why the percentage is that low. Anyway, the unrealistic return rates are on hand, and that’s extremely dubious.


Next ingredient is the way those type of business structures work! What is HYIP (high-yield investment program)? According to the information exposed on the web and especially on Wikipedia it’s a Ponzi scheme. Basically the pyramid like scheme is fairly simple. The HYIP company is paying the interest percentage on the old investors with the money coming from the new investors. As you can imagine alone such kind of business structures are doomed to collapse in the future. It’s not matter of IF its only matter of WHEN it will explode and leave most of its clients broke. The life of the HYIP pyramid is determined by the reputation of the company. The people who invest and start to withdraw only their interest percentage but leaving the net investment inside the investment program are considered as good investors! The people who even dare to invest more money after they see the investment opportunity working in the first 2 – 3 weeks are considered as BEST investors. Obviously the company hold their trust and those type of investors are cursed to lose their money sooner or later. The third type of investors are those who want to withdraw their money, the HYIP sales team will put all efforts needed to reduce the count of those people. Basically, if this people% count rises the HYIP company starts to struggle financially and at some point this will lead to the company bankruptcy. Simple is that the Forex King is just a HYIP company. The risk here is that you never know at what point you are joining the party, if the company is looking bad financially the founders will hide it till the very end!

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Third and final scam detail is he fake positive feedback environment surrounding the Forex King and the official domain If you surf around the page of the Forex King, you`ll notice few testimonials mainly from women! In general female part of the humanity is considered with less experience level into the financial world. This is pure psychological trick as its expected that this website will be visited more likely than male users! Old books trick tickling the ego “If she can do it I can do it” style. Well, don’t be fooled here because those testimonials are fabricated. The people you see are paid actors all hired from online marketplace called We`ll expose one of them as evidence!

Snap shot containing spoilers!


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Conclusion On Forex King !

The service is involving extremely high risk, and we won’t ever recommend it for test drive! We, believe that the regular investment methods associate with normal trading such as Forex or Binary Options are way safer than HYIP.  With a simple strategy, consistency and patience you`ll have the opportunity to make good money without high risk and full control over your budget! Overall, never trust in too good to be true offers who buy positive testimonials to gain authority, obviously they are not completely honest with us!

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