Is Escape the Rat Race a scam? The application absolutely is a scam. This Escape the Rat Race scam review article will provide solid evidences and facts and also expose this lousy software that we advise you to keep away from. The system is full of red flags that show just how bogus it is. In fact, anyone who is keen enough will in fact not fail to notice this scam signals that the owners of the application did not do much to conceal. All this facts will definitely change your mind about trying to use the software in case you were.

What is Escape the Rat Race?

Do you know about binary options trading? Escape the Rat Race is a binary options trader. Binary options trading involves using software online to make money. What the software does is it generates you profits after you have invested in it. The software does this by getting into the stock market, identify loopholes and try to make the most out of them. People have actually managed to get rich by using such software. Most fraudsters have taken advantage of this to make sham software to extort people. Nowadays, most of them run on auto trader mode which means that all one has to do is invest and wait for the profits as there are brokers who will do all the work for them. Behind these applications is a set of algorithm, which is just another name for code, which is complex enough to make the software work well.



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Escape the Rat Race is a trader that was released not long ago. Its alleged owner is Matt Taylor, who one sees presenting the program’s promotion video just after visiting the trader’s official website. During his presentation, the owner claims that using his software will clear all your financial troubles. The software doesn’t completely run on auto pilot as Matt states that anyone who signs up for it has to be trained on how to place trades. Financial experts such as Philip Fisher among many others are what inspired Matt to create this software. Once registered, one needs to invest a minimum amount of $250 to begin trading. Registration is free.

Why Escape the Rat Race is a Scam?

There are a lot of eyebrow raising facts that makes us question the legitimacy of the whole system. Most of them are outlined below.

Matt goes on and on talking about how successful his company has been and how his employees enjoy working for him since he treats them to nice vacations. If you are careful enough, you should notice that Taylor avoids mentioning what his company name is or even giving any extra detail about it. He doesn’t even mention the name of any employee and no employee has testified to what Matt says. This is an absolute sign of a scam common with most scammers. He is hiding his details so that no one could confirm if they are true.

During the whole presentation, Matt just speaks of how the system will clear all your financial problems and keep flaunting his property and his company. Most professional and legit business men do know that they should avoid doing this when trying to woe customers towards their products as it is an obvious sign of a scam. He only does this to cover up for his lies and also to get people excited about signing up for the program thinking that they would also be just as rich in a short period of time.

The presenter is ambiguous about how his software works throughout the whole presentation. He first states that the program works like that of the ones who inspired him, Philip and the likes. Moving on, he dumps this statement and talks of a totally different method that the software uses. He further own clarifies that the Escape the Rat Race system uses brokers as middlemen who trade in on your behalf before you completely understand how the system works. We should first make it clear that it is completely illegal for brokers to handle other people’s accounts. Matt doesn’t seem to know this as he is just another pathetic actor and scammer trying to get us to use his spurious application.

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Scrolling down the homepage of the website, one gets promised that the software has a 100% winning ratio, which means that none of your trades will go wrong. This is an absolute lie. We all know that nothing is perfect and that when it comes to trading, loses have to be made. The best auto traders in the market only manage a winning ratio of 85-90%. Matt should have at least mentioned a figure in that range to try and make us believe he is telling the truth. He just went overboard with this lie. What makes it even worse is the fact that it uses brokers and isn’t fully automated.

Brokers are normal people and do make errors from time to time. Taylor should have done a better job or at least told a better lie. He makes us believe that his software is just a binary robot that does absolutely nothing other than pop up figures that aren’t actually true.

There are a lot of other scam signals such as the fake pictures of the people used in making the testimonial videos and the fact that the alleged owner is trying too hard speak like he is part of the program yet it seems to us like he is a paid actor who knows nothing about business. The red flags can’t stop bringing themselves out. It is therefore only fair to confidently state that this bogus application is a total scam that will not work to make you profits but only profit its fraudulent creators.

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Based on the above facts, it is evidently clear that the Escape the Rat Race is a scam. The owners of the application created it so that they would benefit themselves and leave you regretting wasting your time and money on the software. This doesn’t mean that there are no binary options software that are legit and that you can actually sign up for and use to generate a lot of money. You should therefore not get discouraged by such scammers. You should proceed with caution though when choosing a trader to invest in. scam signals are common to almost all scam traders hence it will not be difficult to identify one since you have seen the ones that the Escape The Rat Race trader has.


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