Epic Winner Software claims to be the first of a new type of trading robot, but we needed to know if it is the real thing or just another scam. The evidence from our research for this review soon revealed that it is clearly a scam. In this honest Epic Winner Software review we take a close look at all the reasons why it is not to be trusted and show you that there is a big financial risk involved in using the Epic Winner Software App.

What is Epic Winner Software?

The video presentation for the EpicWinnerSoftware.com App explains that it is a one click profit machine that has been developed as the first ever multi-broker trading robot. It is designed to find the best brokers in your location and to use an intelligent trading system for binary options. The automated software only analyzes thirty-five-minute trades, ignoring any one minute trading opportunities that have a higher risk.


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If you agree to be a beta tester and declare your trading results by the end of 2016 you can try the Epic Winner Software method for free, and you are told that by the end of this year you should have made $100,000 from trading with the Epic Winner Software system.

Does the Epic Winner Software Method Work?

It is said to be the first ever robot of its kind, because only the Epic Winner Software is able to find the best brokers for you, depending on your location. You will then have to fund at least one broker account for trading.

The Epic Winner Software is designed to randomize trades anonymously across a number of brokers, so that trading sums become infinite and are not restricted to the amount that would normally be available in a single broker account.

The theory is that the odds are evened with this method, because the robot can place multiple positions with a number of different brokers at the same time.

The automated Epic Winner Software method uses a compound trading strategy, which is supposed to cover any losses. It increases the amount placed on the next trade after a loss. If the second trade also loses, the automated trading system increases the amount placed on the next trade. After a win it will start again with the minimum amount.

The Epic Winner Software signals are said to be 86.5% accurate and to generate a few hundred dollars every day in profits.

Is Epic Winner Software a Scam?

From all the review facts that we have uncovered, it appears that the Epic Winner Software scam has been set up to look like a genuine offer for new investors to profit from binary options. The scam is made to appear as if it will be to your advantage to sign up because it is not the usual type of typical trading system that is only of benefit to the brokers. The truth is very different from what is stated by the people behind the free Epic Winner Software offer.

The trading strategy used by the Epic Winner Software is supposed to cover losses and increase the odds of winning. It is a method known as compound trading, which increases the amount placed on the next trade following a losing trade. The automated software will continue to do this until it gets a winning trade and, as any experienced trader knows, it is a highly risky system that could leave you with no money after a run of losing trades.

There is no name or background information available about the people behind the Epic Winner Software or about anything that you need to know, such as the financial analysis used for the trading signals.

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We do know that paid actors appear in all the video testimonials which we viewed for this review. In the members’ area there is one person who is named as Robert Collins from the USA. He states in his video review that he has been trading for fourteen years. We know that he is not really a binary options trader. He is just someone who gets paid to act in video presentations and he has previously appeared in a number of similar videos promoting scam offers. The other video testimonials on the website also make use of actors. They are not genuine traders.

When you click on the play button to watch how the Epic Winner Software method works, you only get to view a simulated performance. No trade is actually placed and there is no way of knowing if similar results are going to be achieved in real trades.

The website also states that the binary options market is going up and is set to reach $8.3 billion by 2015, a year that has already passed! This fact is given as the reason for limiting the number of licenses. It is supposed to keep revenue from the Epic Winner Software to one percent of the total. This is not just an out-of-date statistic for a 2016 offer, it is also complete nonsense and there is no real restriction to the amount of people who could sign up for this scam.

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Each time the website is opened, it shows how many licenses are left and then starts to count down. We have accessed it on more than one occasion for this review, and the website always shows the same number of licenses available. This is just another sign that scam tactics are being used to get people to rush in and fund broker accounts that have been picked for them by the trading robot.


We must issue a strong warning in this review about the risk of big financial losses for anyone signing up and placing money into autotrading with this software. It is clear that there is a scam behind a binary options offer that has to hire actors to give it a video review and which also uses a very risky trading method. There are no details provided about the trading signals and what they are based on. A complete lack of verifiable information also goes to show that Epic Winner Software is a scam.


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