Einstein Profits promises that $3,000 a day can be made from using its automated Einstein Method software. There is one question for which you need the answer before deciding whether or not it is worth taking up the free offer: “Is Einstein Method a scam?” We provide the answer in this review. After investigating it we have to warn you that Einstein Profits is a scam.

When you read the whole of this EinsteinProfits.com Review you will see for yourself why it is not worth the risk of funding an account to test the software. Our review gives you all the evidence and proves that the information provided by Einstein Profits is not to be trusted.


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Why is it Called Einstein Profits and Who is the Owner?

The Einstein Method software is named after Albert Einstein. He is supposed to have said that in his opinion compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. The software has been developed by a team of coders hired by a Dr Stein.

Dale Dominic is responsible for offering the software for free testing. He was one of the first five volunteers involved in beta testing it for Dr Stein and he talks about making money every sixty seconds from the Einstein Method signals, when trading on autopilot.

The theory is that if you keep doubling your profits from every trade you will eventually end up with $5,240,000! There is no mention of what happens when there is a loss and we could find no information for this review about how the software works.

After February 3 the license for using this software is said to cost $4997, but if you sign up now you will be given free access for 60 days to test the software while it is patent pending. There is a requirement that you take screenshots of your trading account every day, to prove how much profit it is possible to make in just 60 days.

How Does the Einstein Method Work?

To access the Einstein Method software you have to enter your email address and have the link sent to you in an email. After submitting your email address you are taken to a page where you are asked to open a broker account and fund it with $250 or more for trading through the Einstein Method App.

The push button trading system takes only a few minutes to set up and then the software will run entirely on autopilot. To earn $3,000 per day from the Einstein Method System you have to keep reinvesting half of the profits from each trade into the next trade so, in theory, the wins get bigger every time.

It is designed to let you make no more than $3000 in a day. There is no information provided about how the Einstein Method App regulates this amount. You are only told that it is 92% accurate and you will be one of the last wave of traders who get to test it for free. It is stated that the first wave of twenty people from six different countries all made $20,000 in the first week!

Proof of Einstein Profits Scam

There is very clear evidence to show that the offer to test the Einstein Method for 60 days for free is a scam and it is not a genuine offer to make money from binary options software. In this part of our Einstein Method review we can show you exactly how we know it is a scam and why we do not recommend signing up for this offer.

First of all there is the mysterious Dr Stein. His name is an obvious abbreviation of Einstein. The people behind this scam could not even be bothered to invent a credible name for the creator of this software! You are also supposed to believe that the person in the video who calls himself Dale Dominic has $1,340,078 sitting in his trading account.

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A video recording of his first day of trading shows that Dale Dominic turned $350 into $700 with his first trade. He reinvested half and kept on reinvesting in trades until he had made $1,500 in one hour. There is no explanation about what happens after one or more losing trades. Two consecutive losing trades would wipe out all the profits that had accumulated in a trading account and would leave you with nothing.

The screenshot of his account is shown repeatedly throughout in the video, and so is his PayPal account, which lists numerous transfers of money withdrawn from his binary options account. A screenshot is very easy to fake and it can quickly be made to look as if an active broker account contains a large amount of money. A PayPal account is just as easily faked for the purposes of promoting a scam.


Proof: https://www.fiverr.com/simplysoccerpro

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The presentational video is very misleading by stating that this is a time sensitive offer and you only get one chance or you will miss out forever. This is a tactic used to pressurize people into joining a scam. You are told not to close the page because the offer will not be there when you come back. This is nonsense as we accessed it for this review several times and the offer made in the video appeared each time.

There is another false statement made in the video, about this being the last day to join. This is a lie that appeared on day one and the offer is supposed to be open for five days! This is just another tactic to get people to register for the Einstein Method scam immediately and fund an account before the opportunity disappears.

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The evidence in this Einstein Method review shows that the Einstein Profits scam has been set up to draw people into what looks like a very limited offer, in order not to miss out on an opportunity to make $3,000 a day for sixty days. In our research for this review we could find no background information on the trading system, or on Dr Stein, and it just looks to be a really bad scam.


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