Is it true that the Daily Trader Club system is the best software at the moment at the market? For some reason, there are a lot of you who believe that the Daily Trader Club software is worth the shot. Is Daily Trader Club a scam? Yes, it is a scam. Why are so many people falling for it if it’s a scam? After conducting a Daily Trader Club review, we now know why people are falling for it. Would you like to know? If you do, you are more than welcome to keep reading along. After you are done reading, do not forget to share this review with everybody you know in the binary options community, as these scams need to come to a halt. The only way this can occur at fast pace is if all of us unite and make it happen at all costs.

The Daily Trader Club Goes Down the Hill . . . Fast

One of the reasons why people keep trying the Daily Trader club signals if because of the appearance of its page. Yes, appearance sells. It has always had a great impact when it comes to people deciding if they should give a certain something or someone the go pass. The team that is representing this scam really did a great job in the structure of their website. More than likely they hired the services of a top-notch website designer. Is there any other positive thing about it that deserves a mention? Nope. That is it. It goes down the hill after you begin to reading the content that is present, as well as check out to see if the photos that are there are real, or not.

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Why Daily Trader Club is a Scam?

Voice of Founder Sounds Fake

When you arrive on the homepage, a video will begin to play, without further notice. There is nothing bad about this, as lot of introductory videos of credible systems begin playing this way, as well. In the video, you will witness the voice of the so called founder. He goes on to say that he was able to generate millions of dollars in profits for his program’s beta testers. He even talks about his family and so called troubles. He tries to make his story sound convincing, but he fails, as the voice is coming from an actor. Yes, it does not take a genius to know this. Go hear it for yourself so that you can see what we are talking about. It is a total joke.

Photo of Founder and Wife Are . . .

Yeah, you guessed it. The photo of the founder, who is hugging his wife, is a fake. All we did is go to Google Picture Search, and we found out the truth. The real names of those two people are Mike and Amanda. These individuals don’t have anything to do with the Daily Trader Club scam. More than likely, they are not aware that their photo is being used. If you know them, go ahead and tell them. Maybe they can sue the team that is behind the Daily Trader Club system.

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CNN Money?

The page states that this program has been mentioned on CNN Money. For those of you who are not aware; this is a blog that is backed by the giant CNN. You know . . . that television channel that is always talking about everything bad that is occurring in the world. Now, this blog is highly respected. They will never talk about a system that is a scam, unless there was a huge lawsuit going on and people won a meaningful number of money. Other than that, there is no way that CNN Money would give it any type of attention. Is the Daily Trader Club software mention on CNN Money? No, it is not, which was not a shocker at all. What did you expect? Look at all the red flags that surround it. Could it get any worse? Of course it could . . . it did get worse. We have noticed that a lot of scam artists lie about where they have been mentioned. A lot of them say that their systems have been mentioned on CNN Money. How come? Well, this blog is highly respected, so by them stating that they have been mentioned on that blog, they are trying to fool people into thinking that they are dealing with a legitimate forex robot.



What Is the ITM Rate?

Just like we thought, there is no mention about the approximate rate that one could expect from the Daily Trader Club program. Why? When there is no mention about the ITM rate, you can rest assured that you will be dealing with a scam. Go take a look at the content of credible systems. They always state the approximate ITM rate that you can expect from them.

How Many Spots Left?

Yes, you will come across a countdown widget with the Daily Trader Club system. They are basically telling you to hurry up, that there is no time. Isn’t there . . . really? Go ahead and delete your cookies, close the browser, and visit the page again. Once you do this, you will find out that that countdown widget is a fraud, as well as the team behind the Daily Trader Club software. They are lying to you and everybody else. They want to make you think that there are only a few spots available, so that you cannot think of what ifs, and just jump into trying it right away so that they can get your investment, and then run.

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