This Cloud Trader review warns you not to put any money into this trading system because it is a scam. Read our honest review to find out the truth and you will see for yourself how much risk there is in signing up for the fake trading software. It is important to know that you are likely to lose money if you use Cloud Trader scam software.

What Exactly Is Cloud Trader?

According to Cloud Trader, this is the world’s most powerful trading system. It has been developed by Matthew Shepherd and the software is supposed to have taken three and a half years to develop, with the help of some Wall Street analysts and a team of software programmers. It is alleged to be 100% successful because Cloud Trader software uses the power of cloud servers around the world and is a fraction of a second faster than any other trading software.

The Cloud Trader system allegedly works with supercomputers and cloud based websites. It is said to use an algorithm that finds repetitive patterns in market movements and matches them with similar patterns from financial databases. It works in all the financial markets and is updated every fifteen seconds. software will only generate trading signals when there is at least a 93% certainty of winning. It can identify between 400 and 600 repetitive patterns every day and sends signals for an average of 26 binary trades each day.


Matthew shepherd says that he is looking for long term partners and he guarantees a minimum payment of $1250 by the next day for every person who uses this software. Our review facts show that there is no way of guaranteeing this amount of money every day. You will not be able to claim back a single cent of the money you lose from the Cloud Trader scam!

The trading examples in the video do not add up, because you are recommended to reinvest fifty percent of your profits. This means that if you want to withdraw $1250 each day from the start you will need to be making $2,500 per day.

In the video the examples of how the profits are made simply do not add up. You are told that an average of 26 binary trades in a day will produce $650 from trades of $25. You would therefore need to risk $100 on each binary trade in order to make $2,500 and withdraw half that amount every day!

How Is Cloud Trader Supposed to Work?

The software is suitable for use by a total newbie or an experienced trader. It can be used for manual trades from Cloud Trader signals or it can be set for fully automated trading. In the Auto Trade mode the software does all the work for you, even when you are not at your computer. With a single click, it will start to invest your money in binary trades throughout the day.

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What Happens When You Sign Up?

When you sign up with your name and email address, you will be taken to a page where there is a video that is supposedly showing a live trade. This is intended to convince you that every trade is a winner.

We viewed the demo trading account for this review. It showed a balance of $50 and half of that amount was placed on a sixty seconds binary trade. The demo showed that the asset value fell and the software had picked the Call option. It should therefore have lost $25, but the fake trading account showed $25 added to the balance as if it had won!

After viewing this “live trade” demo, you will be directed to register for an account and you will be required to deposit at least $250 for trading.

Proof That Cloud Trader Is A Scam!

Anyone who understands binary options will know that a system which promises 100% win rate cannot be legit. A newbie may not know this, so it is important for everyone to ask the question: “Is Cloud Trader a scam? Our review investigations have exposed the truth. We can prove that this scam is aimed at getting as much money as possible into affiliated accounts which pay broker commission to Cloud Trader.

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The website falsely indicates that already there are 1,231 members and Total Members Profits are shown as $128,221,776. This software has not previously been available to new members, so it is not possible for all those people to have joined. The figures are never updated on the website, so they are not genuine.



The person who calls himself Matthew Shepherd in the video says that more beta testers joined yesterday and now they all have at least $1250 in their checking accounts today. This is an obvious lie because it takes more than 24 hours to transfer money from a broker account to a checking account!

The testimonials in the video are all told by actors pretending to be beta testers. The social media messages on the website are also false. All the messages in the Facebook feed appear to have been posted 10 minutes ago and they are never updated. In the Twitter feed the messages do not show any real user names, just a first and a last name. They have not been posted by genuine Twitter users.

It is claimed that Cloud Trader has never lost a trade since 2012. If this was true, it would mean that the software was 100% successful from the start, but according to the website it has taken over 3½ years of development to get it right!

The promise that Cloud Trader will never lose a single trade is entirely false. There is no review online from anyone who has genuinely used the system, and it is impossible to have no losses when trading binary options. The Cloud Trader scam provides an unlikely explanation that this system is unable to fail because it uses supercomputers and software that is one 7 millionth of a second faster than all the others!

The man speaking in the video is not really a CEO. He is someone who has been hired by the Cloud Trader scam to read a script. He warns you that if you do not sign up within the next 87 seconds you will lose out on the opportunity. A test we made this for this review revealed that the opportunity to lose money on this scam stays open long after the video ends!

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The truth is that Cloud Trader is an unproven automated binary options system and the software is not guaranteed to generate any daily profits. It looks as if the scam has been designed by someone who knows nothing about binary options, because there is no way this system could work for real trades.


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