Have you heard of the BO Not BS software? If you are always attentive to what is going on in the binary options arena when it comes to forex robots, then you have more than likely heard a mention of it. Is BO Not BS a scam? A lot of people are curious to know if the BO Not BS system is a scam, or not, as it is a program that recently appeared on the market.

BO Not BS Review

The following is a BO Not BS review that we finished conducting a few hours ago. Since this system is new and just going viral, we noticed that there are not a lot of reviews of people who have already used it, but we must mentioned that the reviews that are available do not reflect anything good, which is a huge red flag. BO Not BS scam is what it is. Yes, we know that a lot of you were expecting for it not to be one, as it comes across as being legitimate, but that is far from the case. Just by reading its name, it is obvious that it couldn’t be credible.


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BO Not BS’s Website Is a Slick One

The first thing that we noticed about the website itself is that it is not the typical website that a great percentage of scam artists present to the public. The website of the BONotBS.com signals does not have actors or actresses hired from the fiverr.com marketplace or any other similar marketplace in order to provide fake testimonials. Not only that, but nowhere on the website will you find images to represent members, images that were taken down from websites where one pays a couple of coins to not have to worry about copyright.

All of these things are definitely very impressive. The website is very simple, and one will not find the typical pressure tactics that websites that represent bogus programs tend to have. What you will find right now is an introductory video that is informing you about everything that you can expect from the BO Not BS system. Just like with every other program that is a scam, you will be told that with the BO Not BS system you will be able to make meaningful sums every day. Now, we must highlight that the people behind the BO Not BS software are pretty smart, as they notify you that you will not be able to become rich with their program. How kind of them! Do not believe in their kindness one bit. You need to realize that scammers are changing the way they opt to communicate with their visitors, so that they can fall faster into their traps.

We find it extremely important that you are aware of this shift that scammers are taking. Now, it is going to be more difficult to distinguish a scam from a credible system until one opts to try it, but do not let this trouble you, as we are here to aid you in this area. We are experts when it comes to forex robots. There is no team behind any scam that can trick us into believing something that is not true.

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Fake ITM Rate

According to the website of the BO Not BS, the ITM rate of this system is 70%. This make you think that you are dealing with a program that is legit, as it is not stating an ITM rate that is of high nature, but do not be fooled! With this type of rate, it is obvious that you will have more wins the losses, but this system is not even close to providing you with this ITM rate. It is far below this percentage. Just go read the reviews so that you can see for yourself that people were not able to have one single win with the BO Not BS software. We are not talking about reading the reviews that are on those blogs that have become well-known in the community for providing positive light on systems, in exchange for a couple a few dollars; we are talking about reviews that are being left by averages Joes.


The Founder Is Not Around

Why isn’t the founder of the BO Not BS software nowhere to be found alive? The founder of this program does not have a profile on any social media website, which is a huge no-no. In order to fully feel comfortable in trying a system, one of the things that you need to make sure that is available is a way to contact the founder directly. If this is not available, then it is best to go somewhere else. It is always better to prevent than lament.

No Proof

The website of the BO Not BS system says a lot of things that can make you feel like you found the ‘one,’ but there is absolutely no proof available that can back them. When there is no proof . . . what is the point? There is absolutely no point in trying the BO Not BS signals.

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We have to say that the group behind the BO Not BS software is certainly a slick one. They are trying to trick as many people as possible with their innocent website and statements, but they were not able to trick us.

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