The opportunity to make $1300 a day with the Binary Freedom Formula is a scam. We have been investigating the 2016 release of this autotrading software and in this review we show you evidence that it is not to be trusted. In this real Binary Freedom Formula review we explain why it is a bad idea to sign up and use the software. We make clear what the red flags are and how we know it is scam.

What the Binary Freedom Formula Software is Supposed to Do?!

According to the offer for this free offer for Binary Freedom Formula software, it is a web based trading app that allows you to make money from the touch of a button. The hand-free system is supposed to generate big profits when it is used for just one hour a day.

The web based App is user-friendly trading software that does everything for you. It has been developed specifically for binary options, from an algorithm that was first used by a major bank. It is claimed that Binary Freedom Formula signals are 93.5% accurate and that during testing over two years it generated million of dollars for traders who were using it daily.


The original push-button trading system was first launched in 2015, when Glenn Hascall was offering it for free to a limited number of people. He said then that he and his test team had already put three years into research and development before releasing the web based Binary Freedom Formula App.

Access to the Autotrading Binary Freedom Formula

There were only 28 spots available for the 2015 version of the Binary Freedom Formula and now the website shows that this year only 27 people will be allowed to use the software for free. The explanation given for this on the website is that they don’t want too many people to exploit the opportunity and saturate the market. Then it is stated that if you miss out on the remaining free spots you can pay $997 for a license to use the software.

The web based Binary Freedom Formula App is very easy to set up. You can do it within minutes of activating your spot. You begin by entering your name and email address. Then you are directed to a VIP members’ page where you find a link to a binary options broker. In order to claim your spot you will have to fund a new trading account with a few hundred dollars.

Is Binary Freedom Formula a Scam?

Our research for this Binary Freedom Formula review has uncovered a great many red flags, including misleading information, illegal use of official logos, faked testimonials, false identities and scam tactics being used to get people to join. In this part of our review we explain exactly how we know that the Binary Freedom Formula is a scam.

The time limit and the number of remaining spots available for the free offer are only there to encourage people to sign up quickly and fund an account. The Binary Freedom Formula scam uses these tactics to make it look as if you will miss out if you don’t sign up straight away. However, the same offer was available each time we accessed the website for this review, so we know it is not actually time sensitive and there is no real urgency to join. We found nothing to show that the software is licensed or that it is going to be offered for the stated price of $997.

The narrator of the presentational video is an actor hired to read thescript. He claims to be a software researcher who was able to hack a successful trading algorithm when working for a major bank. He then started to optimize it for easy hands-free trading. However, in the 2015 version of this offer, the Binary Freedom Formula was supposed to have been created for a finance expert by the name of Glenn Hascall.

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A hired actor is also shown in the video giving his testimonial. If this was not a scam, there would be at least 28 real traders who would be able to endorse the product and no need to hire someone to praise it!

There is nothing to back up the claim that Binary Freedom Formula signals will go on generating $1300 every day from binary options. There is no trading software that can guarantee the same amount of profit every day from the markets, and there is clearly a false promise being made that if you use this system for one hour a day, every day, you are going to make millions.



Another lie which we can expose in this review is the statement made on the website that there is no obligation and no commitment required. The fact is that users are obliged to fund an account with a designated broker and are then committed to trade from an account they have set up through a link from the Binary Freedom Formula website.

The Binary Freedom Formula website makes illegal use of official logos for CNBC, Yahoo Finance and Fortune Small Business. There is no legitimate reason for these to be shown on this website. None of them has ever featured the Binary Freedom Formula App. It could appear in some of the paid ads that display automatically on those sites, but there have been no reports or articles about this trading software on any of those sites.

Google does not allow its registered logo to be used on other websites, but it has been featured by the Binary Freedom Formula next to the statement As seen on Google! This of course means absolutely nothing. Like all binary options offer it can easily be found in search engines and is likely to appear in a sponsored link that shows up with search results.

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All of the evidence in this review is proof that there is a definite scam. It is designed to get people to sign up quickly and fund a broker account that is linked to the Binary Freedom Formula. None of the information about the trading app stood up to our investigation just turned out to be deceptive, misleading or untruthful.


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