Binary Boxer is another get rich fast you have to avoid is you are a day trader. We have studied the system and believe that it is nothing but a scam. It was specifically designed to steal money from unsuspecting traders. We studied the website and watched their veo presentation. The first page is an empty page, because you cannot decipher anything significant from that page. From what we are able to make about the scam system, we are certain that the people behind it were not professional trader, but were looking for quick ways of making money.

Its video presenter Sherman, who claimed to be a boxer, gave up his boxing profession after he was humiliated by an amateur boxer after which he looked for an alternate source of income. According to him, he met his old friend who helped him by giving him his software, Nobody will believe that story because it is a kind of story often told by scam products. We are sure that when we go on to investigate that story that nothing meaningful will come out of it.


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If you watched the video, you will come across this incredulous statement that the app has earned at least $11m for the past thirty days. This is the reason we said at the beginning that it is getting rich fast scheme.

After watching the video narration, we are as confused as many other people, because the video is virtually empty. It does not address the substantive issue, which is binary options rather it devoted a huge part to discussing about Mr. Sherman’s life experiences. It does not provide the information traders will rely on to decide to invest on the Binary Boxer software or not. It will tell you that you are going to become rich with the system, but it fails to tell how you are going to become rich using the app.

Talking about the video presentation, the presenter is not known, and how do they believe that intelligent people like traders would easily believe a voice they cannot identify. This is a big knock to this system, and renders it a scam.

Why Binary Boxer is a Scam?

Who is the man Sherman? Getting an answer to this question is not possible, this is because they did not give any room to investigate further, because only one of his names was presented. It is not easy to investigate him, and that is sufficient to write it off as a scam. If they want us to believe their information, they should have provided us the opportunity by disclosing the real identity of people behind the app. The video focused on hard times faced by Sherman. That information is of no importance to financial assets market.

Fake Testimonials

We noticed that some of the personalities are fake, as their names cannot be substantiated. We checked the screenshots presented as earnings and we found that this is not true. This is a product of photoshop. Modern technologies have made it possible for such fake accounts to be fabricated. Mike Easton claimed to have made 68k with Binary Boxer while another phony personality claimed to have earned 74k. We are certain that these people are fake personalities because they do not exist. The photos were stolen from the internet, and this is enough to blacklist the trading system.

Assuming that such personalities exist, even the claim of earning cannot be substantiated. This is because Binary boxer has existed barely for one month; you begin to wonder when did those traders make the huge claims. It is a clear evidence that you are dealing with a fraudulent trading app. If you were planning to use the trading app, you have seen that you are going to lose your investment, because you are not going to make any money using the app.

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Annoying Browser Popup

When you visit the website, you will be distracted by annoying popup, which keeps coming. Why should the system be demanding you supply them your email address since you are already in their site. Why should they stampede you to register for the system, which they claim it is free to use? This clearly shows that there is something fishy here. At least, they should allow you time to study the robot and decide whether you will use it or not. It should not stampede or force you in any way.

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Fake Scarcity Counter

Just like other scam systems, Binary Boxer still adopts the old system of scarcity counter. It creates artificial scarcity and then urges you to hasten and buy the system before it is exhausted. Even if you come to that website in two months, you will still notice that the scarcity would continue to be there. Moreover, the scarcity counter has nothing to do with the software in question; this is because, if you pause the page and restart it, you will notice that it would begin again to count. This means that it is simply there to deceive you. This simply shows that the system is a scam.

Can You Make Money using Binary Boxer?

The answer to this is no, you cannot make any money using Binary Boxer app because it is a complete scam. All the evidences shown here were fraud, which means that the creators do not have anything to show for it. Moreover, it fails to tell us how it will generate its trading signals. It is obvious that it does not have any plan for traders.

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Binary Boxer is a scam; you cannot make money from the system. If you plan to invest on the fraudulent app, then you are sure of losing your money. Instead of wasting your time, why not try those profitable binary options signals here.


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